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    Macbook Pro GHz and Read & Write speed (plus a fan question)

    I just got my 2015 grade A refurbished Macbook Pro in the mail yesterday. It has 2.8 GHz and it seems slightly slow to me, so I checked using black magic disk speed test. The write speed is about 760 mb/s and the read speed is about 735 mb/s. I don't know much about computers, but based on...
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    Recommended desktop upgrade under $250 from Gateway GT5676?

    My Gateway GT5676 desktop kicked the bucket a few months ago and I have been making due with a laptop but it is too old and slow for me to use any of my programs on it. If possible I would like to find something that is under $250. I use my desktop primarily for Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 4...
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    Need an affordable computer for Photoshop CS5

    I'm really not sure which thread to ask this in, so I picked this one. I hope that's ok. My old desktop crashed and I will soon be looking to replace it (when the money is available). After asking on another thread about how to repair it, I was given a suggestion for replacing it which made...
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    New Laptop Does not run games well and overheats

    Hello, I got a laptop around 2 months ago and it has not been working as I expected. The laptop i bought is here but when playing League of Legends i dont get a constant 60 fps on medium settings and after...