1. yulop6

    Reinstall Windows 10 Without Data Loss

    Hi, I recently have needed to reinstall windows 10. I tried using the media creation tool from Microsoft. Doing this led to me getting stuck in an automatic repair loop which eventually I managed to get out of. I still now need to reinstall windows but I don't want to use this method again in...
  2. C

    Can't boot at all, for I disabled windows boot manager

    I attempted to CLEAN INSTALL my windows 10. Believe me, I read various resources to try finding out what to do on the Boot. I did learn that I had to prioritize boot options in the order I preferred. In order to switch the priority order (no online resource instructs how to switch them...
  3. D

    POST/BIOS problem after failed system reinstall from USB

    Greetings, recently I attempted to reinstall my windows 8.1 with a bootable USB. I wanted to replace my windows 8.1 system on my notebook with a Linux system and use this windows 8.1 on a PC. I made a system backup on USB (a backup of the windows 8.1). With the USB being done.(It wasn't an ISO...
  4. Margeipp

    Audio driver keeps failing

    Hi, The problem I am having is that all of a sudden I can't hear any sound, neither youtube, music, Netflix, anything actually. First, it makes a robotic sound, and then I stop hearing anything and the worst is that it happens during work related videoconference, so that is a major problem...
  5. D

    Solved Windows 10 Keeps Reinstalling

    M y computer reinstalls Windows 10 every time I restart it. It reverts completely back to a fresh reinstall, and I have to update everything again including my browsers and the extensions they have. How can I avoid this? Here is my technical support information: Tech Support Guy System Info...
  6. britekguy

    Doing a Completely Clean Reinstall of Windows 10

    Important Reminder 1: If your computer has ever had a valid, licensed copy of Windows 10 installed, even if that's been later replaced by, say, Linux, you can still do a completely clean install of Windows 10 without having to acquire a new license. Windows 10 licenses are stored...
  7. S

    How do I get my old Windows.old folder back?

    I just had my first upgrade and I was able to get a windows.old folder but I wasn't able to copy everything since I had an emergency. I decided to do it the next day but as I was turning on my PC, my Windows 10 crashed and I couldn't get back to it so I had to reinstall it. I clicked "keep...
  8. R

    I am unable to reinstall my USB drivers

    Hello, I have an HP laptop with Windows 7. I need help reinstalling my USB drives.
  9. D

    MBP Randomly turning off?

    Hi there - I appreciate in advance anybody that can help with this. The short version is my computer keeps randomly turning off - I suspected battery or overheating but those don't seem the issue. I just am trying to work out how to go about fixing it, and trying to narrow down what the issue...
  10. P

    Downloaded Driver: USB Ports no longer work

    I downloaded a driver for USB 3.0 ports because they never worked. I was/am pretty sure they are just not correctly connected but decided to try a driver before opening up the case. That caused a much bigger problem. Now not a single one of my USB ports seems to work anymore and I cant use my...
  11. K

    My wifi setting got deleted from my Dell Latitude

    My Dell latitude laptop had it's wifi driver deleted and I am wondering how to reinstall it
  12. T

    Failure to send/rec emails on Outlook 2003

    Cannot send or rec emails on Outlook. Suddenly stopped. Msg box: "The operation failed." Tried to get to Accounts pg. Msg box: "Operation failed due to registry or installation problem. Restart & try again. If problem persists, please reinstall." I have never done a reinstallation. How...
  13. D

    Black screen after installing Windows 10

    So I had to delete my operating system (Windows 10) and reinstall it. After it was done I noticed the screen was being glitchy and 2 bars going across the screen, then after a few minutes it goes to a black screen. I tried pressing Carl+alt+del but that did nothing. I am able to get into safe...
  14. B

    Reinstalled Windows - Product key/activation issue

    My Lenovo Y510P HDD failed and I had to put in a new one and reinstall Windows 8. However, I didn't know which version it came installed with exactly, so I tried Windows 8.1 Pro. Now it bugs me with watermarks (and progressively more invasive stuff) about activating Windows. However Lenovo is...
  15. J

    Reinstalling windows 10 Lenovo g50 70, error

    Operating system not detected. Cltrl+ shift+ del to restart. Ikay with formatting the while computer, so went ahead and tried to reinstall the os (windows10) Unable to install in any of the partitions, efi.... so opened command promt (shift f10) disk part, selct disk 0(931gb), clean, got error...
  16. D

    Can't reinstall windows, says the disk is locked

    I got the blue BIOS screen on my samsung computer and tried to reinstall windows 8.1 with a disc. Now computer says that the disk is locked and that I need to unlock it to continue, but I have no idea how to do it. Please help!! I dont know anything about computers and don't have the money to...
  17. C

    problom uninstalling and installing

    hey im new here but i really need some help. one day about 2 weeks ago a game i played often would not open full screen and was tiny on the the screen and wouldnt maximise. i tryed uninstalling and eventually did after alot of effort. now when i try install it again i see this. (could not...
  18. B

    Solved Fix system 7? or wipe out and reinstall?

    OK, I've been getting some BSDs lately. I thought it was a RAM I went out to Crucial and bought (2) 16GB kits of RAM to max out my Dell XPS 8700 running Win 7. Funny thing happened to my way to RAM bliss...I got a BSD (Blue Screen of Death) within 2 clicks of my new desktop running...
  19. FallFromINFINITY

    Corrupted .NetFx 3.5 - cannot uninstall for a reinstall

    After a crash, several of my programs complain that a "config file from microsoft .netfx is missing or corrupted". So in an attempt to repair it, i have uninstalled 4.0, 4.5, 4.5.1, and 4.5.2, with the programs still complaining about the corrupt files (and crashing) So, I looked to .Net 3.5...
  20. P

    diskpart I/O Error - Windows 10

    I want to use diskpart clean all and then reinstall Windows 10. However, diskpart > list disk > select disk 1 > clean all, returns an error, "DiskPart has encountered an error: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error. See the System Event Log for more information." I...