reinstalling operating system

  1. D

    POST/BIOS problem after failed system reinstall from USB

    Greetings, recently I attempted to reinstall my windows 8.1 with a bootable USB. I wanted to replace my windows 8.1 system on my notebook with a Linux system and use this windows 8.1 on a PC. I made a system backup on USB (a backup of the windows 8.1). With the USB being done.(It wasn't an ISO...
  2. D

    Stuck on Just a moment

    Ok so I'm pretty screwed at this point. My Windows 10 had a corrupted file so it wouldn't boot and I was left to download windows again. Which I did it worked until I shut down my pc and when I turned it on the next day. It wouldn't boot up and is stuck on just a moment. So I tried the plugging...
  3. smfashionista91

    Lost data after installing an inferior version of Windows

    I am in a bit of a panic!!!! Be warned, I am not a techie in the slightest, and I'm certain I've committed many rookie mistakes which have lead to this most unfortunate event, so please bare with me... I have this habit (which I have now been told is a very stupid one) of setting my laptop to...
  4. E

    How to disable hard drives in bios?

    Hi! I'm reinstalling Windows 7 on an Asus laptop to get rid of potential malware, and when I reboot from DVD I get the error message "More than one hard drive has been detected. Please remove additional hard drives to ensure... etc." There are four hard drives in my computer. I enter BIOS ->...