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    Creating Email Reminders From Excel

    Hi, I have created a workbook that tracks individuals qualifications that shows me those who need to renew in 90,60,30 days. I can toggle between the 3 or set different parameters if needed. Instead of copying and pasting those details into an email i would like to be able to auto copy to...
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    VBA Help

    Hello All I have what I'm sure to many of you will be an easy task but I'm clueless. I need to create a spreadsheet that needs to send reminders to a mailing list every three days from various dates (based on what the users input). I have no clue how to do that though.
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    Jewish/Hebrew calendar reminders

    Hi, Does anyone know how to set up reminders on Microsoft Outlook 2016 based on the Hebrew date as opposed to the Gregorian one (e.g. remind me every Tamuz the 3rd not July the 3rd) . This was available on previous versions of Outlook. I already have the Hebrew calendar added, and it shows all...