remote desktop

  1. K

    Replace Software or Hardware?:Citrix Remote Desktop issues

    Hello! Working from home, I've discovered that my Corei7, 10th generation Lennox PC is having some trouble with the Citrix remote desktop. I can get logged in, but it is super slow, and sometimes 'freezes' if I have more than one application open for too long (outlook, adobe, Webex, excel, etc)...
  2. I

    Remote Desktop now times out of a session erratically

    For years I have RDP from home to my store with very little problem. Win7 Pro to Win 7 Pro. However since I updated the PC (clean install of Windows 10 Pro) at my home; when I RDP to the store (Win 7 Pro PC), it connects quickly as always and works. However, the session constantly times out and...
  3. J

    Always have to retype password for it to connect to server

    So I have a desktop with Windows 7 and a server with win server 2008r2. I have remote desktop setup with the username and password to connect to the server. Everytime it says something like authentication failed or something similar with the saved password, but if I type in the same password...
  4. A

    How to Remote Domain B from Domain A

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to ask some ways how to remote computers in Domain B using my Domain A account We have different Domain Controllers. I'd like to rdp domain B using my account created under domain A. thanks in advance
  5. N

    Port forwarding for remotr?

    I have an iOS app installed called remotr. It lets me stream my pc games from my computer to my iPad. On the same network, it works great, but when I leave and try to do it over the internet, it fails. I did the port forwarding for TCP port 8193 on my router (Bell Home Hub 2000) like it asked me...
  6. S

    Remote Web Access

    Ok so a weird situation everyone in our company can access the Remote Web Access URL while on the network or if there PC is on the domain. If the leave work and use the URL it will take them to the Remote Web Access prompt them for their windows credentials and they can select applications like...
  7. CluelessInSeattl

    Remote Desktop maximizes Word windows when switching

    I'm an old guy and spend a lot of time resting in bed due to worsening chronic conditions. From my laptop in bed I use Microsoft Remote Desktop to access my PC which sits in the kitchen. I was amazed at how easy it was to set up the Remote Desktop connection and at how smoothly it works. But...
  8. R

    Remote desktop behaves strangely with AutoLogin

    Here's the scenario: 2 x Windows 2008 servers running an application. They work as an active/passive pair. When the application is installed it configures AutoLogin and sets it with a specific username and password. This is all fine and both servers will login automatically on boot and start...
  9. CluelessInSeattl

    Win 7 Remote Desktop dialogue box lacks essential settings

    Hi, I'm an old guy on a limited income, so all my hardware and software is hand-me-down. Up to now I've been running Remote Desktop between a laptop and a PC, both running Windows XP. I was given another PC that's running Windows 7, so I'm trying to figure out how to connect from the laptop...