1. H

    Amazon locked scam question

    Amazon Locked scam question I recently accidentally clicked on a Amazon scam email that claimed that I was locked out of my account. Upon later inspection I realized that the message claimed to need my account info, and credit card info; but at the time i had been too hasty. however the link...
  2. P

    New Android Trojan Found

    Hello i recently installed an android cleaner app callex "Max Cleaner" after using the file scanner it found these two viruses I resolved it and it says its removed and problems are fixed but i was curious if anyone knows what these were doing to my phone and if they were actually installed ...
  3. U

    New Removal of Monero wallet

    Hi , I would like to remove a Monero crypto currency wallet from a PC Windows 8 . Do you have a guideline for that please ? Thank you in advance
  4. S

    MorphVOX - Voice changed after uninstall

    Greetings, I've been searching through the internet as much as I was able to, now my nerves are blank and I gave up on hope. Yesterday I installed "MorphVOX" to edit my voice into a monsters one - for records playing Evolve 2 - but it didn't work as I expected it to do, so I simply uninstalled...
  5. S

    In Progress Help with "Russian websites" malware

    Hi everyone! I was helped in the forum before and you were very helpful and I'm so thankful! Just thanks! Now... I'm having an issue. I downloaded STALKER Call of Pripyat from a PROPHET torrent. Everything was all right except I got a lauching error after installing the game. So, I looked up on...
  6. J

    Solved Malware and adware removal

    Hey tech support guys, I recently downloaded some weird app of the internet and i know my pc has been infected with adware (browser changed) and possibly malware (unable to open malwarebytes) but it doesnt seem to be very aggressive but it is well hidden,. Have ran scans but to no success in...
  7. McDonald

    How to remove/detach stand of LG monitor (22M45D)

    I have a new LG monitor (22M45D), for some reason I need to carry it somewhere else, therefore need to detach the stand and put them in the box. The base has came off but the stand is somehow locked and there is no screw to unlock them. Really need some help on this....
  8. lockermade

    Solved Removed game still tries to install on PC start

    I installed a game called "Papers, Please" I then uninstalled it. But every single time I turn on my pc this pops up. See image below. I have delete every file on the instalation folder of "papers, please" and also delete every entry on the REGEDIT that has the name of the game on it, still...
  9. L

    Is there another way to remove hard drive from hp pavilion

    S5-1204... Other than the usual latch and pull? I'm pulling the latch and nothing happens but I can't seem to find any screws to take it out another way.... Please help asap!!
  10. L

    Can't get hard drive to unlatch

    Hi, I have an hp pavilion slimline s5-1204, and I'm trying to remove the hard drive and replace it with another so I can make a media recovery usb save... I've looked every where and can't find anyone having this problem. On the hp support site, there's a video indicating a metal latch on the...
  11. snikert

    Help with removing updates

    I'm not sure if this post should appear here under Windows 7 or under Windows 10. With that in mind, I'll start with Windows 7! I want to remove any and all updates related to Windows 10 installation because I have decided I definitely do not want Windows 10 installed on my computer. The...