1. C

    BBEN G17 LCD replacement

    The LCD of laptop got busted and I need LCD replacement but I dont have any idea on what LCD to buy. Anybody there can tell me what LCD i need to buy, thanks in advance. The model of my laptop is BBEN G17
  2. J

    putting my Dell Vostro 3350 Graphics card into a sony VAIO

    Since the great google, and his brain dead sister Youtube couldn't help me. i've left it up to you golden gods of GNU, I am tearing my Laptop Dell Vostro apart for it's Graphics card, Being that this sony vaio cr220e can barely handle even the Lightest of my steam games. now ell me, Will it work?
  3. T

    Bad Motherboard? Toshiba Satellite

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C55- A5104. When I try to boot up the laptop, I hear the optical drive making a brief noise, but the computer does not boot up. The power button light, charging light, and power light all come on, but screen remains black and the typical noises of boot up are...
  4. C

    Replace laptop fan

    Hi, I need to replace the fan in an HP Pavilion g7 2022us notebook. Videos on YouTube make it look very daunting, indicating just about everything has to be removed first (all drives, memory, keyboard, motherboard (fan attached underneath) and dozens of screws and cables). Have any of you...
  5. D

    How to sort my music files?

    I have some folders full of wav files, and a bunch of unsorted wav files with the same names. How do I sort them into the folders where they will replace the old music? I am on windows 10.
  6. C

    Hdd with partitioned Win7 to Ssd help!

    Hi guys I've just bought an ssd, I plan on installing the os on it etc. (as per usual) I currently have a 1tb hdd in my pc with Windows 7 installed on a separate partition, I have the os on the C: and everything else on the D: Is is possible to clone the C: to the ssd, rename os partition to...
  7. crcook84

    Replacing the PSU on a server

    I’m pretty much done with a server build I was doing. It was the Isilon I was retrofitting. I’ve settled on the hardware and the operating system. It’s working perfectly fine as is and I plan on adding more hard drives. However, I was interested in replacing the power supply. Anyone who owns a...
  8. M

    Looking for BIOS replacement service

    I need the BIOS chip on a notebook PC's motherboard replaced. Does anyone know of an experienced and reputable company, or freelancer, who can provide this service (preferably in the U.S.)?
  9. Coco767

    Replacing HDD in my Dell inspiron 1420.

    I'm replacing the hDd in my Dell inspiron 1420. What type? What's the max size? How do I do it? Please Help.