1. S

    Solved MS Access - select report from combo box

    Utilizing Access 2016. All this is probably pretty easy for you guys, but I'm a complete novice with grand ideas I am currently unable to implement on my own. I have a form (splash page). I have 8 reports that provide summary info for specific departments. I have 8 reports that provide...
  2. Alchemi

    Solved MS Access: Multiple copies of pages within a Report

    Hello, This thread touched on what I'd like to do but went into a different direction: I am so close on completing my system except for one nagging problem. I would like to...
  3. B

    Anyone know how to interpret MiniToolBox application errors?

    Speccy snapshot: I ran the utility MiniToolBox utility app and found several critical application errors. Though, I'm not sure how to interpret the report and how to fix the problem. Does anyone know how to read these results and fix...
  4. N

    Emailing a Single Page of a Report in ACCESS

    Hey y'all, First of all, I am new to the forum. Also, I am new to Access but I have caught on very quickly so far. However, I need a little bit of guidance. I have searched the forum and found threads that are similar, but I'm still having trouble. Let me give you a little bit of background...
  5. D

    Solved Games not working, Bad DRIVERS?

    Greetings I installed a new windows 7, and with the CD/DVD all of the needed drivers. So i tried launching a game (Rust) which crashed at the same moment. I read on some forums that it might be due to bad drivers but i do not know how to check that. Ill add the crash report. Many thanks PS the...