1. EJamesH

    Solved Laptop stuck in startup screen even after resetting

    Problem Encountered: I was experiencing driver errors, the laptop would suddenly freeze then restart by itself but it would happen randomly. Even if the CPU load was low, it would happen as well. I tried to use Driver Verifier Manager and restarted the laptop, it is now stuck on the Prepare...
  2. S

    Resetting pc problems

    I decided to reset my pc and after a while it gave me an error saying “the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error windows 10” so I looked it up on YouTube and resolved it by going into childcompletion folder and putting the number 3. After that my pc began rebooting...
  3. Revox97

    PC freezing during booting process

    Hey guys, hopefully someone can help me to identify the root of the problem. My PC (build about two years ago by myself), had issues during startup. It freezed during booting process, sometimes i was able to get to the UEFI settings, but it will always froze after a fee seconds. So i decided to...