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    Windows 7 After Reset won’t install any drivers

    I have recently reset my PC after a nasty virus. I booted it from a windows 7 professional disk. When I Logged on no drivers would install. It would not recognize my working LAN cable plugged into my router. I tested the cable on another PC and it worked. Please help me resolve this
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    Solved Computer Stuck In Mode

    Hello! Thanks for viewing my post. I have a Dell all-in-one PC. I was recently cleaning out my computer ( Or at least attempting to) and I was using the control panel to uninstall unused programs to free up space. I finally got towards the end of uninstalling my applications and programs and I...
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    Issue to reboot

    ello, it's been 3 days I'm stuck at "recovery or booting menu". I can't go on my windows 10 desktop. When I try to reset my pc it won't do it or when I troubleshoot it's doesn't work too.. All I can do it's F2, Del, F9 or waiting for "booting menu (blue screen with few tabs)". How can i install...
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    Solved Computer showing Black Screen after unplugged during Reset

    Hey guys, I really screwed up this time. While trying to reset my computer last night, I unplugged it hoping it would resume. I was wrong. While the computer starts, nothing shows but a black screen. No Windows logo either- help!
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    Reset issues

    So I have been having a problem with trying to reset my computer to factory default. There's a proxy I don't remember putting on there and it's messing with my whole computer making it slow and unable to run many applications. I can't get rid of it and I don't know what to do.
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    Biometric Devices Problems and Solutions

    Help to solve Biometric devices problems... ZK U160 admin access lost. Any Ideas??