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    Stuck in a loop

    I just tried resetting my acer and i’m having the same problem. It keeps bringing me back to that page like a continuous loop.
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    Need help resetting my pc it won’t let me reset

    I’m trying to rest my pc but when I click reset it says “insert your windows installation or recovery media and restart your pc with the media” I don’t know what that means or how to rest my computer please help
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    PC feels very laggy after failed reset

    Brand new laptop, Lenovo Legion y530 Specs: i7 8th gen, 16gb ram, GTX105ti, 1TB HDD & 16Gb optane memory I accidentally installed malware and I had to reset my laptop. But the reset was stuck on 58% for about an hour. So I had to force shutdown it, after turning it on, it installed windows and...
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    Windows 10 broke a lot of stuff

    Yesterday, Windows 10 made me download the latest major update. After doing so, I found I could not access anything on my hard drive (OS is in SSD). Since earlier I rolled back an update to fix my sound, I thought it would work here. Big mistake. Now I can't do anything except access file...
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    Unable to start PC in regular or safe mode, reset or restore

    This morning, after resetting my PC, I encountered the blue ': (' error screen. After trying to restore to a previous instance of the PC (there were two dates to choose from), the restore failed and the two dates are no longer available. I am unable to reset, restore, start in safe mode, etc...