1. K

    New Please Help Me

    I really need help!! My family's acer desktop computer got a virus from a Internet browser called chromatic and cause the computer to do random pop ups. We have McAfee viris detector but it didn't catch this for about a year. We didn't have problems with pop ups until 3/3/16, last Friday. My mom...
  2. H

    windows 10 reset to default settings fail

    hi, I had Windows 10 on pm PC and I tried to reset it to default settings since it was slow, with the option of deleting every file since I had backup elswhere, from Options it didn't work so tried Shift and restart. it seemed to work but at 65% it said it had incounterd a problem and that it...
  3. M

    Desktop freezes and stops outputting to monitor; needs reset

    Hello, I wasn't sure if this was the best forum but it was the only one I thought was relevant I built a new computer at the start of Autumn, and while it has been amazing to use, it has had one persisting issue that i've had no luck in fixing. At what are seemingly random times, from when...
  4. S

    Logging in

    Hello! I have a slight problem with signing into my new HP laptop. I was bought this laptop as a birthday present not that long ago. My usual Email which I use for everything is with Google, so when I got this laptop I made a new email simple for the new laptop. I had the password to my email...
  5. Y

    Solved Whole thing gone to crap

    Windows10 updated without a warning or a confirmation by me(which I would have delayed or denied). Next thing I know, none of my browsers open, half of my applications don't open, I don't have any system restore points, and I can't open the settings app or system reset. I use Avast...
  6. H

    factory reset from starting windows screen

    How can I do a factory reset on my computer from the starting windows screen? I have an optiplex 9010
  7. T

    My computer doesent start after I reset it to factorysetting

    I wanted to reset my computer on windows 10 right after it started it stopped and went dark.I turned it off and on and know all it doing is booting up then shuting down. Can some one please help me ? Since my computer doesent want to start and I do not know all my specs I can not tell them to...
  8. B

    Tablet Won't Finish Resetting

    I have a small windows tablet that I have reset in order to sell. However, it seems to be stuck on the last step. The error message its giving me goes like: "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click...
  9. A

    Laptop Not Working

    Hello, recently I have reset my laptop, because of all the bugs and viruses I have been receiving, but the reset didn't go through. I am now stuck with the "ASUS In Search Of Incredible" screen, and it keeps flickering from this screen to a black screen. I can not reset it again because there is...
  10. Bojay

    Factory Reset

    I was factory resetting my PC because I downloaded some stuff that probably gave me malware because adds we're popping up from nowhere all over my desktop. Then all of a sudden, half way through the reset, it stopped. I tried continuing on my PC or I just restarted it I don't fully remember. But...
  11. P

    Need help solving two (power?) mysteries

    Mystery 1 - why my computer keeps resetting Mystery 2 - why my computer wouldn't turn on with new PSU (twice) Here's the story: Last August I upgraded my GPU. I realized my existing MOBO wasn't compatible after the fact so I upgraded that too (rookie mistake). Shortly thereafter my PSU seemed...
  12. C

    Cannot Log In to Facebook!

    Hello, Cannot recall password to my Hotmail account, which is the one Facebook has for me. Facebook also has only an old cell phone number for me, a closed account. Hotmail is not allowing me to recover my password; it's all differently formatted, since when I opened the email account, on...
  13. E

    Solved How reset windows 8 phone with the buttons?

    How reset windows 8 phone with the buttons? please dont guess just respond if you know thanks.