resolution problems

  1. V

    Odd Resoulution issue

    Hi! I have a very odd issue. Got two 2k 60 HZ displays. If I only use 1 display I can set up the resolution to 2k. If I set up both displays extended I can only get 1920x1080. Do you know what the issue could be? Changed from display port to 4k UHD cable. This is very strange I never encountered...
  2. M

    Displayport and HDMI dual monitor locked resolution

    I have an rx580 and resently got a second screen i have the hdmi into on monitor then a displayport to hdmi adapter from the gpu into a hdmi cable to the second no matter what i try updating drivers and turning them off the resolution on the displayport is locked at 640x480 however if i only...
  3. S

    240hz Issues

    Hi all, I just recently completed a pc build and my gpu is an RTX 2060 Super FE. I just received my new Alienware 27 inch 240hz IPS monitor today, and at 240hz, I have white pixels flashing on dark surfaces, and if I open chrome google has considerable distortion and screen tearing. It’s lesser...
  4. C

    Moving the screen display horizontally

    Hello, I'd like to move the screen display of my monitor horizontally (maximum to left side). My monitor's buttons and NVIDIA control panel don't give me that option in any way. I've already changed the resolution for having space on both sides. I'm using Windows 10.
  5. N

    Primary monitor won't work anymore

    Hello! I am currently having an issue where it appears that the newest Nvidia driver is causing issues for me with multi-monitor setups in ANY game. If I run a game at 1920x1080 or lower resolution, it displays on my secondary monitor which natively runs at x1080. My primary is at 3840x2160. No...
  6. J

    Need Help Restoring PC

    I need help restoring my computer I have use system restore and it deleted most of my programs and apps I’m using my iPhone because it’s difficult for me to even operate the computer now Is it possible for someone to remotely repair the computer ? Thank you I really need help
  7. H

    Solved second screen problem

    dear smarter ppl. Often when i Boot my pc. my second screen boots in a wierd resolution while in the settings it is still correct, so even if i change the resolution it is still verry wierd, ''i see pixels and have black bars'' if i unplug it and plug it in again it works fine. second screen...
  8. L

    Nvidia screen resolution probleme

    Hello there So I've had my pc for about a month now and since the beggining if I go full screen on a video (on YT or other sites; on google, edge ect...) or play a game in full screen (all the game that I have all have the same issue) the screen resolution will change. If I uninstall the Nvdia...
  9. Crazysexybear

    My GPU Wont Stop Changing My Resolution

    heyo So I about a week ago I built my gaming pc and it was working fine when I had the hdmi cable plugged into the motherboard but when I put it in the gpu and open a game or watch a video in fullscreen the resolution changes making the screen weird. I have to manualy change it in the NVIDIA...
  10. Z

    Screen is wider than monitor, cuts things off

    Hi, I'm not that new to technology and I know my way around the basics but I can't seem to fix this. I got this monitor 1 - 2 years ago and I've had the pc for even longer, maybe 3 or 4 years. I'm running an hp windows 8 and a samsung curved monitor. My problem is, the monitor rests just larger...
  11. Z

    Resolution wont fit in monitor

    Hello I own the ZOWIE RL2455 24 inch e-Sports Monitor-Officially Licensed for PS4™ and I have had problems with the resolution on the monitor when using my PC. I can easily over scale the resolution and customize how wide or long the screen should be too fit inside the monitor but when playing...
  12. G

    Gigabyte gtx 1070 g1 gaming video output problem

    Hi everyone this is my first post. I bought a brand new computer, specs in summary: i7-8700k, z370 gaming 7, Gigabyte gtx 1070 with micron chip. Tested all pc components , except psu ofcourse, with Burnintest, Windows Tools and several benchmarks. All tests have passed. There is a problem with...
  13. H

    Solved Resolution Problem

    Whenever I change resolution on my computer, it automatically changes back. Say I am on 800x600 and want to change to 1920x1080. It just changes back to 800x600 and removes the option to change it to 1920x1080. I know that it should work since it's a problem I only got recently. It is a problem...
  14. C

    Solved The resolution changed without reason and i cant fix

    I've searched and searched for an answer. None of the resolution possibilities are correct. Ive had my dell optiplex 780 with win10 for about a year and the resolution out of the box was fine and right. Recently I was on a skype call with a friend and I was messing with my headphone jack...
  15. L

    Error on factory reseting laptop

    Recently my resolution on my laptop has been messed up and everything has been enlarged and stretched I was hoping that factory reseting it would fix the issue but it has not let me factory reset the laptop either. I am currently on a toshiba satellite L675. I've been online to find solutions...
  16. A

    Monitor display help!

    Currently, I am using a Samsung t.v as my desktop monitor and it's displaying at 1176 x 664. However, I wanted to know if there is a way to display it at 1280 x 720? (note: when changing the display to 1280 x 720 either with Nvidia or Windows display settings the scale is too big to fit) T.v...
  17. S

    Wrong Native Resolution

    Hi, I've been searching the internet for days trying to find a fix for my problem. So, recently something has happened to my computer, out of nowhere the native resolution displays as 1024x768 instead of 1360x768 and instead of Samsung, the monitor shows as simply analog or generic non-pnp. I've...
  18. M

    Everything is zoomed in, Desktop

    Today when I turned on my computer the resolution was awful! Everything was big and blurry and while I could do the job I had to do, I barely could. I tried going into settings and just changing the resolution, like you're supposed to do, but it's stuck on 600x800 and the slide that "allows you...
  19. T

    WinHndft won't run on Win10

    I purchased a Canasta Hand and Foot game 2 years ago. It is by far the best one out there. It was created by an 85 year old programmer who has since died. Thus he is unable to update it to run on Windows 10. However, he did leave his widow with instructions on how to get it to run on Windows...
  20. D

    Solved Monitor no longer supports resolution 1920X1080

    My problem : It all started from when I unplugged my HP w2338h monitor from my main PC (res. 1920x1080, specs listed below) into a raspberry pi 3. After using the monitor for the Raspberry PI 3, I plugged it back into my main PC again, and to my surprise the resolution was on 1024x724. When I...