1. Koriwanoshinue

    Solved Infinite windows update reboot

    Hey I was updating my rog laptop and fell asleep. I woke to my laptop continually rebooting like this- ROG logo, swirling loading dots appear, black screen. A cmd window flashes for a frame and then goes back to black for a bit. Two messages flash by very quickly displaying "attempting to...
  2. P

    Computer starting to freeze up/blue screen/screens flashing

    So for the past 2 weeks or so I have started having problems with my pc, I had not had these problems before and only started recently. Mostly during gaming my screens will either freeze or turn black. Sometimes graphical errors will show on the screens such as multicolored squares on both...
  3. A

    My laptop with windows 7 suffers frequent restarts

    My laptop HP Pavillion g series with windows 7 home basic suffers frequent restarts since I upgraded my RAM from 2 GB to 4GB. I restored my laptop to factory settings but still issue persists again.. Earlier it used turn off only before restoring to factory setting but now it suddenly...