restore issue

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    Win 10 upate failed, now PC wont boot

    Win10 Update kept trying to install and would fail after about 30% done and then automatically Restore a previous version of Windows. This kept happening for a week or so but at least the computer kept working. Then yesterday, when it tried to Restore, it Restarted on its own. SO now when I turn...
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    Windows 10. Start button wont open. Help please

    About 3 weeks ago my laptop gotva strange file or virus. my browser changed and i then noticed my start button no longer worked when i clicked it. (right click does work) i gave it to my brother and he deleted alot trying to fix the problom but didnt. i cannot open start and was told i should...
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    Restore to previous date lost my screen visual

    Asus laptop Windows 7 restored to last update. Restarted>Windows circled showing startup>registry files started loading>when complete>computer was still running> mouse works but screen isn't back> took out battery and unplugged held power button for 60 sec repeated. Battery is toast so have...