restore point

  1. R

    Solved my computer has been inested with KVAG virus

    Hi, My computer has been infested with kvga virus and all my important files are altered i fixed with combo fix and system restore but my files are remain altered please help me to restore Thanks in advance Rimzan
  2. B

    Can Windows 8.1 be rebuilt without affecting installed apps

    This is a request for problem resolution and for my education. System information, entered manually (unable to run system info utility on failed laptop) Failed computer: HP Envy 15 Notebook PC (laptop) Model: 15-j011dx Windows 8.1 Hard drive: Toshiba 681 GB (29.6 GB free), (pretty sure it is...
  3. AmateurJohn

    Solved "System Protection for Recovery(D:)" Win10

    If I decided to turn on the sys protection for my Recovery Drive, and create a restore point what would it restore? Is there any point in using sys protection on this particular drive, maybe it would be redundant? I currently have sys protection on my main drive.
  4. P

    Time Machine Restore Dates

    I needed to do a Time Machine restore this morning to get rid of some issues my Mac had developed over the last couple of days. In doing so, I was surprised that Time Machine only gave me the option to restore from early in the day on March 30th. (2 days) While this did fix my Mac, I had...
  5. H

    Cannot log into windows account or restore previous version.

    Hello this is the first time I have ever made a forum post so sorry if I post in the wrong place or anything. Basically yesterday after I signed into my windows / microsoft account to log into my pc I accidently pulled out the power cable. I was already logged in and nothing was loading but now...
  6. M

    Restore Points Deleted After Compter Is Shut Off

    Windows 7 on my Dell Inspirion N5010 won't retain any Restore Points after the computer is shut down even though the disk space for Restore Points has been set to the maximum (I've tried different disk space storage levels; none succeed in retaining restore points after computer shut down.)
  7. M

    Failure to Create Restore Point Before Win Update Install

    My Windows 8.1 won't create a Restore Point before installing Windows Updates even though the maximum disk space has been configured in the Restore Settings.