1. kekblade

    Roblox Won't Start/Download

    It worked fine for 3 years, but today when I tried playing it said updating before giving me an error message saying the following: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Roblox An error...
  2. T

    Unexplainable Fps drops (should be running fine)

    I'll be playing a game randomly and around every 1 minute ill have a lag spike where my fps drops down to 1fps. I have used malware bytes and avast to try to find a virus but I found none. Its incredibly annoying and it limits what I can do ion my laptop. Also I don't usually have this many apps...
  3. B

    Roblox > Asset Downloader > ERROR

    Ok so I've been using this page "" for about a year now, and what i do with this website is copy layer formats on "" -to edit them in my own way in Photoshop. [EXAMPLE] I've created my own tank top, by using a layer format given to me by...