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    Lenovo IdeaPadA10 Upgrade?

    Hello there, So I have this issue. I have a Lenovo IdeaPad in fantastic condition (save for the fact that I broke the charger, but that's irrelevant). Let me throw some specs out there: Model number: IdeaPadA10 Android Version: 4.2.2 Kernel version: 3.0.36+ [email protected] #1 Tue Dec 3...
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    zte phone

    Can anyone tell me how to root a tracfone Quartz z797c, pretty sure its cdma.
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    Solved Root Fire HD8 Kindle

    Trying to root Kindle Fire HD8 5th Generation running os 5.1.3, I have found this website which I will list below, trying to determine if this site will work or not. It does seem a bit involved. If you have any insight or suggestions, comments or different approaches as just how this is...