1. H

    Amazon locked scam question

    Amazon Locked scam question I recently accidentally clicked on a Amazon scam email that claimed that I was locked out of my account. Upon later inspection I realized that the message claimed to need my account info, and credit card info; but at the time i had been too hasty. however the link...
  2. H

    Solved Root Kit Removal

    For rootkits that are installed on my computer, is it best to reset my computer being that rootkits are so hard to detect?
  3. C

    In Progress "The requested resource is in use" message when opening AV

    Hello, I have the rootkit that makes every antivirus program say "The requested resource is in use" when I attempt to open it, I've tried every internet tutorial but nothing seems to be working for me, if someone could help that would be much appreciated, thank you. Tech Support Guy System Info...
  4. R

    New Creepy sound file playing, clean malware scans

    I recorded the sound with my phone's voice recorder, you can hear it here: . I haven't been able to catch it, but for a while there were also some creepy water sounds, like of a pond or gulping. When I mute the speakers, the audio goes silent, which according to the...
  5. I

    In Progress Dataup, possible rootkit too! PLEASE HELP!

    Hi I recently accidentally download unwanted files. (I'm sure thats how all these start) but I was able to delete most of the files through troubleshooting and looking up ways to fight Dataup and other viruses but I still have a few root viruses that keep coming back (including Dataup) and I...
  6. Outdacell

    Solved Restrictive Malware on Windows 10 Laptop

    I know I have some malware on this laptop but when attempting to remove it (via antimalware software) it handicaps the software. Whether its not allowing definition updates to Malwarebytes or SuperAntiSpyware, or not running TDSSKiller or freezing up Malwarebytes Anti Rootkit Beta scanner. I've...
  7. RickyGani

    In Progress Infected with "Win32:Virut"

    Few days ago, I found my computer unable to open cmd, msconfig, task manager , etc. I made a post in Windows 7 Forum. They pointed some virus removal app, which kinda not solve the problem. Long story short, later Avast! found this "RootKit" named Win32:virut. i googled about it, found out that...