router configuration

  1. MaestroMetty

    LAN-LAN Router no access to Internet

    Hi guys, I've recently passed some Ethernet Cables into my house to extend Internet access inside my house. I've now this setup. Router number 1 and 2 are on third floor, number 3 and 4 in first floor. Now I have my PC connected to router number 3 and 100% of the time I have internet...
  2. T

    Tips For Out-Maneuvering the Shifty - DIY Security System

    Hoping this is the right place, and I’m going to try to condense this... Basically, we had some wifi cams that kept going out (not recording) for long stretches of time. I’d see someone fumbling with something small in their hand and then no more recording (couldn’t find it on the SD card backup...
  3. D

    Solved Blocking URLs on my router

    I use a Tenda N300. I want to allow only specific website access on my device. But every time I complete filling up details in the administrative settings and click 'OK', a dialogue pops up saying "Please enter a valid domain name". IDK what to do. Please help.
  4. D

    Comtrend Nexus Link 3120 Router default credentials?

    I'm trying to get bandwith priority to one device, but I cant seem to log in to the router. I know the ip but I cant find anything online about the default credentials. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. E

    Internet drops while heavy downloads ( IP)

    Greetings, Using: Tp-link Archer C59 - dynamic IP same problem with old routers (2 of them, with 1 and 2 anthenas) I had this problem for a long time and tried a lot to fix it. So, Whenever I try to download or update large files (with Steam, Torrents (which I do not use much) and others...
  6. T

    How to bridge AT&T Fiber Internet with Netgear AC 2300

    I have AT&T Fiber 1000mbps for my small business that I run at my home. I have VOIP 5 office computers and all my families devices running on this WiFi. AT&T provided me with a Arris BGW210 DSL router. I have my all my office equipment directly wired into the router and I still get a speed at...
  7. bignose956

    Programmable network filter

    Is there a network filter that can be programmed? I am in charge of a school computer network, and I need a way to monitor and filter network activity. I am looking for a hardware device that acts a bridge between the gateway and the various routers (there are Chromebooks on the network, so a...
  8. Tolo

    Cant connect to only one website through one router

    I cannot connect to one specific website (my personal website) when using my home wifi router, the browser gives me a timed out error but the problem includes my emails which are [email protected] AND I cannot connect to main server through dreamweaver to edit my site. If I connect my laptop...
  9. P

    Solved Poor/No internet from access point, need help

    Allright, so the thing is. I live in "big" house, so i need some access points to network it all over. My main modem is in livingroom downstairs , its ASUS AC-68U. The second router is upstairs, set as access point(ASUS AC66 and third router is set as access point too its Belkin and it's...
  10. D

    WMM, Ethernet, VoIP, router settings

    I use VoIP to work from home. Our internet package is more than enough to support VoIP... our router is another story. My call quality is terrible. I have done everything (that I'm capable of doing without messing up the router or computer) I can find for troubleshooting. Nothing helps...
  11. N

    Solved Adding router, no ip addresses - urgent please help

    Hey Everyone, My company recently needed me to expand our network with an access point. I was using a DLINK 655 router to set up as the new access point. When I thought everything was set up, I started realizing that the network was no longer issuing IP address's. There's more than one router...
  12. M

    How to login into my router admin settings ?

    I wanted to change to password for my router admin settings. I asked one of my friend to help me out so he said. Login into I didn't get him. I mean how i login using an IP ? [HELP NEEDED]
  13. C

    Tp-Link 6120 Version 2 router not responding to WAN ping

    I have tp-link 6120 v2 router and it's running IP Sec VPN connection to Server. My problem is router not reply to ping from the server side. but router LAN sides' host are replying from sever side ping. how can I resolve this please help friend. here router simulator link-...
  14. D

    Port won't open

    Hello, I need some help. I am trying to open a port in my router. In the settings it says the port is open, but when I check using it tells me that it's not.
  15. U

    cannot reach wifi router on macbook pro

    Hi everyone, I'm having troubles reaching my router. I suspect someone is using my wifi and i want to change the password, but alas i cannot get to that point. I've checked the router IP several times on my computer and on my phone. It is but when i try to enter it into Safari or...
  16. DSLove

    NEW TP-Link 2300 Router Does Not See Internet From Modem

    I am running MAC OS Sierra 10.12.6. Two days ago my wifi stopped working. I checked my Belkin ROUTER first and saw that the internet light was red. I then checked my MODEM provided to me by Morris Broadband and saw that the internet light was green. So I connected my computer directly to the...
  17. D

    Whole home network setup

    I have a home network setup utilizing 3 routers (2 of which are wireless). It works okay, but it's segmented and I have to keep track of what is connected to which router in order to use certain connected devices. Not all devices work unless connected to specific router. I'd like to get help...
  18. 1

    Setting up Router (cisco rv320)

    Pls. Help me set up my router..i already connect the router to the internet provider's modem then direct it to my PC but it has no connecttion? what should i do/configure. And i have no idea how to configure a router, pls teach me. pls help tnx.