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  1. O

    Wireless to wired internet connection

    Hi. I want to figure out what i need to buy and the best recommendations of how to get internet in my detached garage. I currently live in a 3 bedroom house and my modem/router is located in the front of my house. My current router gives me great WiFi throughout the house and I have no issues...
  2. D

    WiFi router help

    I can't access my router non of the normal ways get into it need help tried everything I can think of.
  3. D

    Solved Blocking URLs on my router

    I use a Tenda N300. I want to allow only specific website access on my device. But every time I complete filling up details in the administrative settings and click 'OK', a dialogue pops up saying "Please enter a valid domain name". IDK what to do. Please help.
  4. D

    Need port forwarding help

    Hi I need help with Port forwarding a Port on my router. I want to open port 25565. I have a motorola router. Any help would be great.
  5. T

    Question about Router/ Modem

    Hello, Not the most tech savvy when it comes to networking, but i'm currently looking to get a new router today because the router we currently have I feel as though is broken. If the router is moved slightly the router goes off and so does the internet. The router and modem is in another room...
  6. K

    Upgraded internet speed and router stopped working

    I upgraded my internet speed from 40 to 120 Mbps and almost immediately my router (Netgear R6400) stopped working. Devices show wifi but no internet. Rebooted modem and router and nothing happened. Too much of a coincidence for Router to break I think. Checked with ISP and modem is fine...
  7. Z

    TPlink router keeps on resetting itself

    Hello, My router keeps on resetting itself since last night and it had constantly been doing that at every 30 mins or so. I also have the DD-WRT firmware installed on it. The firmware: DD-WRT v3.0-r35874 std (05/04/18) I'm not sure if I should update the firmware since there is an update put up...
  8. Farmgirl22

    Solved Need to purchase a new router+modem, but which one?

    Over the last two weeks I've spent more time with my modem/router unplugged (trying to get it to work) than plugged in. I think it's time to replace it, but I'm not sure with what. Full disclosure: we operate a business out of our home, which requires a fair amount of uploading scanned...
  9. C

    Cannot Access Internet

    For about a week, my boyfriend and I have been without internet. We rent our home, and in effort to try and restore the connection, my landlord remembered that our house does not actually have Comcast service (that is the internet provider we have), but rather a line is run underground from his...
  10. D

    Port won't open

    Hello, I need some help. I am trying to open a port in my router. In the settings it says the port is open, but when I check using it tells me that it's not.
  11. N

    Dual-Band Router Issues

    Hello all! About a year and a half ago I purchased a beast of a router to expand my internet capabilities (or something like that). When I got the thing it worked amazing! I had 0 issues with it for the longest time. But now things are a bit different. Router...
  12. BillHates

    Solved Need help improving my Network signal

    I don't know what's going on. It's seems like when we changed our Internet modem for an Internet/Phone modem from Time Warner/Spectrum some issues have been happening. I was wondering if there is anything I can do via settings or something to help improve and make my wifi connections more...
  13. R

    Solved on-hub google TP-LINK

  14. N

    Solved Phones work but pc and laptop don't

    Yesterday my laptop and pc (ethernet ) stopped being able to connect to the Internet but my android phone and iPad can. Crome's error message is DNS_PROBE_FINISED_NO_INTERNET and after running windows network diagnostics it says "ethernet" doesn't have a vaild IP configuration. But here is the...
  15. G

    Can I split my connection?

    Hi all, I'm a little savvy when it comes to computers, but routers bamboozle me. I need to have a separate connection for my home office which guarantees a minimum speed of 5mbps regardless of what else is happening. I'm with Virgin on 50mbps. I've been advised the hub doesn't support this...
  16. T

    Port Forwarding, need help

    Hi, new user here. To make the premise of my problem short, I bought For Honor and after several hours of downloading, I found a red, menacing, Strict NAT type. I googled a little bit and found some ports I could open so I fix my NAT and start playing as I should, but I'm having trouble opening...
  17. Saptarshi5683

    Solved Need to connect routers to extend network

    I want to extend my WiFi network range . I am using a D-Link N150 600L cloud router as my one and only primary router. (Link - I firstly thought of installing a repeater but came to know that it creates a new SSID and I will not be able to roam with...
  18. BrazenBull

    Wrong firmware installed on a Belkin F5D8236-4 v2 router...

    I just need to find out how "flash" or to set my Belkin F5D8236-4 v2 router back to its factory firmware settings so I can install the correct firmware. It currently has firmware version 2.01.03 installed, which is for a slightly different model, and it's supposed to have version 2.00.04.
  19. S

    Solved Help after removing a VPN

    I downloaded and installed a vpn on my laptop and since then I can't get into the admin area of my router. I uninstalled the VPN and the chrome addons and rebooted my laptop then attempted to go to as I always have and it keeps giving me the same message - You are not connected...
  20. J

    New Router

    Hello, I am new to this kind of thing and was just wondering if it was possible to just simply replace my old router with a new upgraded one without any real issue. I know the steps to replacing and setting up a new router I just have some questions.Will it make my network speed faster? Will I...