router issues

  1. D

    Solved Blocking URLs on my router

    I use a Tenda N300. I want to allow only specific website access on my device. But every time I complete filling up details in the administrative settings and click 'OK', a dialogue pops up saying "Please enter a valid domain name". IDK what to do. Please help.
  2. W

    Some sites are not working

    So various websites like reddit, twitter etc are not working. They show an error message like but when i restarted the router with factory settings they worked on my desktop PC but did not work on mobile devices. but the mobile opens reddit when on a different...
  3. M

    Solved Netgear N450 won't reset password

    I have gone back to cable internet after about 5 years. Pulled out my Netgear N450 but can't remember the password for settings. Have hit the reset button and it restarts but doesn't reset. Have tried accessing through Chrome and IE at and Netgear Genie but won't log on with...
  4. nenese

    Range Extender keeps disconnecting from Router

    My Setup: Router: LinkSys EA8100 Range Extender: TP-Link RE580D MAC: RE580D: EE:08:6B:E3:CB:0A PC Connected to RE580D: EE:84:35:C0:9E:8C The RE580D is connected to my PC via cable and has a wireless connection to my router EA8100. Every 10 minutes or so the connection between them drops...
  5. Z

    TPlink router keeps on resetting itself

    Hello, My router keeps on resetting itself since last night and it had constantly been doing that at every 30 mins or so. I also have the DD-WRT firmware installed on it. The firmware: DD-WRT v3.0-r35874 std (05/04/18) I'm not sure if I should update the firmware since there is an update put up...
  6. E

    WiFi connects but no internet access on all smartphones

    Im new to here and Im not sure what issue Im having, 2 days ago after rebooting our router (ZTE ZXHN H108N) because one of our devices is connected to the internet but doesnt have internet access, but pc and laptops works fine, then after the boot up of the router, all smartphone device cant...
  7. F

    Linksys EA2700 | Ver 1.1.40 | WiFi Bandwidth Capped @ 10Mbps

    Hello Everyone! This is my First Thread. And I have been facing this issue for a Long time, no one has been able to help me out. I am using Linksys EA2700, updated with the current Firmware. The problems are mentioned below: 1. My Current Bandwidth Package is: 60Mbps = 7.5MB/s 2. My Router is...
  8. G

    Can connect to net but cant access router login page

    Hey everyone, sorry if Im breaking any rules, Im new here. So I was trying to forward a port to my ps4 on my router (DLink DSL 2730U, I was doing this on my laptop with an ethernet cable) while following a guide and when I added port 80, it gave me an error along the lines of "port is bigger...
  9. I

    Unable to set up Access Point properly

    Hello everyone, hope you're doing well. I'm sorry if this issue has been previously solved in another thread but I'm quite desperate at the moment and out of all patience. I have been trying to set up an Access Point since couple of days and I have failed to do so properly. I had recently...
  10. A

    Huawei HG8245 Can only reach google.

    Hey guys, My new wifi router got installed some days ago. Everything works fine for all wifi devices and smartphones. I just connected the machine of my Girlfriend and I only can reach google websites. I tried to connect to the Router configuration by typing the IP into my web browser but I...
  11. K

    Solved Huawei Router Problem

    I did a reset to my Huawei HG531 V1 router but i still cant log in with the default username and password. can anyone help me please?
  12. M

    Solved Slow Wi-Fi Speeds after switching ISP

    Hi there, I have recently switched from BT to Utility Warehouse (as a way to save £50 a month), and I've been experiencing this problem since the day I have switched. According to, I get 2MBits/s download speed, 75ping and 0.8MBits/s upload speed. When I go to for...