router keeps disconnecting

  1. T

    Question about Router/ Modem

    Hello, Not the most tech savvy when it comes to networking, but i'm currently looking to get a new router today because the router we currently have I feel as though is broken. If the router is moved slightly the router goes off and so does the internet. The router and modem is in another room...
  2. nenese

    Range Extender keeps disconnecting from Router

    My Setup: Router: LinkSys EA8100 Range Extender: TP-Link RE580D MAC: RE580D: EE:08:6B:E3:CB:0A PC Connected to RE580D: EE:84:35:C0:9E:8C The RE580D is connected to my PC via cable and has a wireless connection to my router EA8100. Every 10 minutes or so the connection between them drops...
  3. B

    My router keeps disconnecting from the internet. HELP!!!!

    Help!! I am at my wits end with this problem, because I have tried everything, and nothing seems to work!! The problem is that my router keeps disconnecting from the internet, for no apparent reason every few hours or so. I have no idea when it connects again or why. It has gotten to the point...