router switch internet problem

  1. B

    Internet access issue with 3 daisy-chained routers

    Hi. For a long time I have been running with two routers connected via Ethernet cable: a primary one providing the WAN link, some Ethernet attached devices and WiFi; and an older router (running as a bridge) providing WiFi and some Ethernet connections in a different part of the house. This...
  2. T

    WiFi connection problem

    Hello there, hopefully someone can help me out it’s my first time using this platform. Ok so my roommate decided to change internet providers so we got a new router. Tired to connect to the router with great difficulty on my laptop. My cell phone is connected to the WiFi and everything is...
  3. gcrugby03

    Reviews on TP-link c7 wifi router

    Hey everyone! I'm new here. Currently have an apple router and have had it for maybe 6-7years. I think it is finally on its last leg. It has become unreliable at times. The question I have is about the TP-link c7 wifi router. I have a 2 story house that's around 1600sf. The wife and I...
  4. klebsiela

    No internet through switch. Again

    It was similar thread some years ago but is locked now.... My cable provider changed some old modem for new Arris modem and this modem is connected via LAN cable to Asus router. Wifi through this router works fine. Also Internet from this router via LAN is OK. One of LAN cable from the ASUS...