1. bobzani

    Solved Internet speed

    My regular internet speed is 35-40 mbps. Lately, I'm only getting about 1. If I reboot the router, it goes back to normal, but only lasts about an hour. Do I need a new router?
  2. NomadicMind

    Comcast router modem

    I have a small business that I do tech stuff for. For the most part, I can do basic stuff. It's a small family business. I called Comcast and asked if I can replace their Modem/Router with my own, and he said that was not an option because of the type of router I have and the services I have. I...
  3. J

    I need to change my ip without a vpn

    I recently got banned from this website for using a loophole and getting stuff I didn't earn and I really want to get back on this website. I know they ban by ip because I could get back on that account in other places but not at home and I couldn't make any more accounts. Last night I unplugged...
  4. J

    Two Computers On One Network Issue

    Hello! This is my first post on a tech website so hopefully, there's someone savvy enough to help me with my issue. For the last 5 years, I have owned and played a PC with relatively few problems. My brother also has a PC on the same internet network. We have never been able to really play games...
  5. R

    Wifi connected but no internet. I used range extender

    I worked out extending the range of my wifi through a lan cable cat6e and connected to other router's lan port. And that connection is quite unstable. When connected to wifi it shows "connected, no internet" in my android device (and also in my laptop). I suspect may be the configuration while...
  6. E

    Want to Use a third party router to get faster speeds

    I need sophisticated help with my network setup I’m running fibre optics in my home , I have a router supported by my ISP but I want to Use a third party router like a nighthawk through my home to get faster speeds... What operation do I need to do make this happen what are the steps and if you...
  7. J

    Advice on my router setup please

    Wi-Fi Question. We currently have our router in the basement because my son wants it for his play station and that’s where his room is. I want to move it up here because the Wi-Fi stinks up here now. So I’m thinking on putting the router up here and running an Ethernet through the wall to his...
  8. antwan3

    Motherboard only has an Ethernet jack

    Hello, I’m kind of in a complicated situation. I just moved to a new house and my motherboard does not have onboard wifi, only an Ethernet jack. My roommates live upstairs and I live downstairs so I cannot hardwire Ethernet into my PC without moving the modem and router downstairs, which I don’t...
  9. L

    Replace rented router

    I currently have satellite Internet and phone service, with a rented router. I feel that the router has long been paid for -- I have paid $150 for it so far. I would like to replace it with a purchased router to save a little money over the long term. It is a ZTE ZXHN H298A, which has a phone...
  10. T

    Invalid IP

    Hi all, been along time since I posted on here, hope your all well and keeping safe. Ok, so I recently upgraded my internet speed from standard ADSL to Fibre ADSL. My router is a Netgear N600 Dual band ADSL2+ modem Router old but still good. My ISP sent me there fibre router not sure what it...
  11. Kakeema

    Question about Wifi-adapters

    Hey, I'm kinda confused with how wifi adapters like netgear work when it comes to internet speed. From what I can tell it's used for faraway workstations or any devices which are far away from the router space, i understand that it can bring up the speed to the amount which you are supposed to...
  12. B

    NAT type keeps messing up

    The NAT type on my Xbox One changes to strict whenever I turn it off or put it in sleep mode. If I clear the cache and reset my router it goes back to open, but it's a giant pain to do that every time I want to play a game. I use my own router with the ISPs modem, so I have the router in access...
  13. A

    Sometimes I cannot ping default gateway

    In our office we have old windows 7 laptop and old windows 7 desktop. Sometimes we can't connect to the internet. Windows 7 troubeshooting reports that it cant reach the gateway. Sometimes helps reseting network card, sometimes not. I tried to ping it manually from cmd and it sometimes solve the...
  14. M

    Help Configuring Access Point to Receive WiFi

    Hi everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read, and potentially help with this! Appreciated :) Anywho, I have an old Desktop that does not have WiFi, only allows Ethernet connection. I also have this old Access Point (might be even obsolete, from GIGABYTE) and a WiFi router. I've been...
  15. W

    Wi-fi keeps dropping from two different routers

    I have a Linksys CM3016 router and once or twice a day the speed will drop to under 2 MBPS. Resetting it fixes the problem, but it takes about two minutes to reboot and it's usually at an inconvenient time. So I bought a Netgear Nighthawk X4S, replaced the Linksys and, after setting it up, it...
  16. I

    Router Firmware Upgrade

    Hello I hope I've shared this in the right forum - please forgive me if not! I've downloaded the latest firmware for my router, but now I don't know what to do with it! How do I install it, please? Also how can I roll back if the installation goes wrong or the new firmware doesn't work...
  17. W

    Storj-- Networking

    I am trying to become a node operator. I had one router connected to a modem/router and was told that this could be a problem. I now am hooked directly to the modem/router and my internet speed has doubled. However, my att modem/router is giving me a hard time when I log into the admin page...
  18. B

    Solved Disabled DHCP now no internet

    Good day! I disabled my DHCP on my Huawei Mobile Router E5573, and now I can't connect to the internet. I tried setting up the IP manually but no avail. I can't physically get at the router at the moment, but I do wish to rectify this. Do you guys have any idea?
  19. S

    No WiFi on 2.4GHz, 5GHz just fine

    I am having an intermittent issue with my Asus RT-AC88U router (purchased about 4 months ago). The issue started about a week ago and there have been no changes I have initiated to the router or my Windows 10 Pro PC. I noticed it first on my phone when at home, it would connect to WiFi (2.4GHz)...
  20. D

    Solved Blocking URLs on my router

    I use a Tenda N300. I want to allow only specific website access on my device. But every time I complete filling up details in the administrative settings and click 'OK', a dialogue pops up saying "Please enter a valid domain name". IDK what to do. Please help.