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    controlling internet access via ethernet

    I have a teenager who I need to control internet access for. He bought his own gaming computer and is currently connected via Ethernet cable right to my rogers router. He is displaying gaming addiction traits and I want to control the amount of access he has. My ex used to be the tech savvy one...
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    Many unknown MAC addresses connected to router

    in the "attached devices" section of my router, and only after pressing the refresh button, a long list of MAC addresses and IPs is present, with excerpts of code as the device name. I have had no security issues with any of my accounts. I also suspect my laptop of having a rootkit, I've not...
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    can't access internet with router

    so today, i was not able to use my router, so i contacted my service provider and with the help of them i created dial up connection. now i have my router back but i can't access internet (even though it says internet access) please help