1. I

    Simulation Softwares for networking

    I am doing a networking project for MS degree here in Pakistan. I opted to use a network simulator for the project. But i have some concerns related to GNS 3 simulator, if it will deliver the required results. I have to simulate the performances of IPv4 and IPv6 with dynamic routing protocols...
  2. S

    Can anyone please explain this packet route trace?

    C:\Users\Sanchit Aggarwal>tracert Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 77 ms 1 ms 1 ms 2 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms 3 * 550 ms * 4 3 ms * *...
  3. S

    Teamviewer VPN to device

    Hello, This is the idea: Laptop>Internet>TeamViewer VPN>Internet>Remote Host>Device I have software to connect to a device (PLC) on my local machine, the license is very expensive. I have a commercial license for TeamViewer, and I have the VPN installed. Since a VPN can not be installed...
  4. aasalem

    Ip address traceroute not ending at client ip

    Hi: Wonder what may be advantages and disadvantages when ISP set a dsl personal Internet connection " public telephone network --> Home router ----> client PC" as shown in two attachments where the last ip is a sort of a loop-back.
  5. W

    Port Forwarding (outgoing) to another router?

    Hi everyone! I am looking for help with my dd-wrt router. Here is my setup: Router 1 TP-Link (Original firmware) DHCP server IP: Connected to ISP broadband (dynamic IP) Router 2 D-Link DIR 600 vB1 (dd-wrt firmware) DHCP server IP: Connected to VPN via PPTP WAN (OpenVPN...
  6. Q

    IP addressing and DHCP plan

    I have the following scenario: A LAN of 30 workstations, 1 file server, 1 mail server. A second LAN of 10 workstations and 1 file server. A way to connect the 2 LANs together and connect them to the internet. Static routing, providing connections from all computers to the Internet. The...
  7. J

    Subnet Mask Assignment

    I'm going to add another IP Camera. The manufacturer's search tool shows the new (and exisiting) camera but indicates that my PC is not on the same subnet mask. After a quick "CMD--> ipconfig" search, I see that my wireless PC is on subnet mask while all other devices are on...
  8. khalidologist

    Routing between NICs (Moved from Windows 8 forum)

    I hope this is the correct forum as it is Regarding Windows8 Administration I have two NICs, and my wifi NIC Can I route between these two NICs to be able to ping from my Physical HOST to any host on while using VMs? I know there are many other...