rx 480

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    Whole pc build is working except GPU

    Hello! Recently I built my new pc and used my old power supply(650 watt gold) and my old gpu(rx 480 4gb). I have a B350 PC MATE Mobo, a ryzen 1600 cpu with stock, 2 tb hhd, and 16 gigs vengence ram. Everything works except fan lights and GPU. I tried changing wires, puttibg my older power supply...
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    Radeon rx480 not showing display on monitor.

    Hi. I recently bought the Radeon rx 480 video card for my computer but when I plugged everything in, it refused to show a display on the monitor when everything was plugged in accordingly. Strange thing is, my buddy and I swapped our 480 and 1080 and the 1080 worked just fine in my computer. It...
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    APU throttling for no reason

    Rig. Rx 480, undervolted to stop throtting at high temps. A8 A8 6600k 450w I have an amd apu that refuses to stay at a set clock speed while gaming, even if I'm using my discrete gpu the apu will throttle. Ill get an average 300-360 fps in csgo low settings then when something intensive happens...
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    My AMD Graphics Settings won't open

    Whenever I Attempt to open the settings I am faced with the Following 'Radeon Settings are currently not available. Please try again after connecting a display to AMD graphics and extending the display' I really need help with resolving the issue if anyone knows something it would be...