1. D

    Losing video signal while system is under load.

    Hi! This has been a problem for a while now. In random intervals while I'm using my computer a snapping sound is heard from the stereos and it loses signal to the monitor. It happens more often if the system is under load, like gaming or defragging. Nothing brings the signal back except...
  2. L

    Linux with AMD Ryzen 5 4500U

    I see AMD ryzen 5 chips to be more value for money than intel i5 xxxxU series for same price range. But has anyone tried linux with Ryzen 5 ? Any significant issues seen? Recommended? Some reviews I have seen say Ubuntu 20.04 on Ryzen 5 went without issues, but from a long term perspective...
  3. I

    $600 Video Editing PC Build

    Hey Guys, I can’t decide my PC build for video editing with a $600 budget. Since the B550 Motherboard models came out, there’s no sense going backwards to older models and the fact, my last build, was 10 years ago. The more I research about features, brands, options, the more confusing it is...
  4. It77gg

    Black screen after overclocking RAM

    I have problem, I overclocked ram and after a few hours iz shows black screen. I tried remove and put back that little battery to reset bios but it did not help. I do not know if I am supposed to turn pc without that battery or not. It is not something else, I know it is BIOS, what I am supposed...
  5. M

    Black screen while playing games

    I recently bought a new gaming/work PC. I can turn it on and log in to windows and it works fine. When I try to play games, however, the screen goes black and says no signal, even though the tower is still on. I stress tested the GPU and it worked fine, but when I stress tested the CPU it went...
  6. T

    Can Ryzen 3 2200g run 4k hevc videos?

    Hello there, I am planning to build the cheapest possible PC to watch movies. I especially need 4k hevc (h.265) videos to run smoothly. Can Ryzen 3 2200G run it?
  7. J

    amd ryzen 5 1600 af ompatible with x570-p motherboard?

    Hello. I would lile to ask if the new ryzen 5 1600 AF cpu is compatible with asus x570-p prime motherboard?
  8. W

    Help me decide which build to buy, please!

    Hello folks! So I basically am struggeling between to builds. One is brand new, self made trough CP part picker, which some dude adviced for me. And the other one is second hand. Here you have both links, one for PC-partpicker and the other website (its dutch, but the components are written...
  9. S

    No Sound/Audio from PC. Windows 10

    Hello, I'm new to this forum, and I'm wondering what I can do to get sound back. The sound on my PC goes to my headphones, but when I installed a brand new RX 590 into it and installed the drivers, I lost audio. And for some strange reason, it says that the audio is working, which I know for a...
  10. B

    Problem with new build PC (Ryzen 5/ASUS Rog Strix)

    Hi, I am building a new PC. Everything was going fine until I tried to power up the PC. It didn't POST. The fans were spinning, no beeping and there was no output to my display. A few things went wrong in the build, especially a bit of spillage of the thermal paste but nothing that should...
  11. A

    Help Upgrading My PC

    Hello and thanks for everyone reading. Basically, my dad's friend hooked me up with a gaming PC a while back it was upgraded from an old 'Dell Precision T7915 Workstation', the GPU was replaced several times and now i have a 1060 6GB. However because it's base is still an old 2011 work PC it has...
  12. A

    Solved Windows Install Failure - Always needs repairing?

    So i recently purchased a new SSD and have been attempting to install windows on it for a while. I have given up and been using my old SSD while I try to troubleshoot the new one but I'm running out of Ideas. As standard, I downloaded the windows boot installation media from the Microsoft...
  13. aneeshthesia

    Buying a new CPU

    Hello, I am a Music Producer, I am looking forward to buying a Desktop PC. I am currently on a tight budget & I stumbled across this configuration, could you please tell me if it is any good for Music Production or not. I generally use 40-50 tracks in a song and around 4-6 plugins on each...
  14. H

    Computer running extremely poorly

    after playing some games I noticed I was getting really poor frames and performace. I ran a benchmark and my scored extremely poorly. I attached a picture of the results. What is causing my pc to perform so badly?
  15. K

    Solved Processor switch

    Hey, so my current processor is an AMD a6 9500 wich in my opinion sucks. so i have decided to swap it with a Ryzen 7 1800x. They are both Am4 socket but im just a little sketched, because the ryzen 7 uses 95W, while my a6 uses 65w. Do i need to turn up the watt in booting menu before i apply the...
  16. M

    Ryzen 2300u with vega 3?

    I don't really know anything about laptops, but I bought an hp envy x360 13z for school, but I can't find anywhere other than the product page where the ryzen 2300u comes with vega 3 graphics. I don't know if this is an error on hp's end, but I didn't have the option of a 2300u with vega 6. Any...
  17. K

    What CPU Should I Buy?

    I'm currently making a pc and cannot decide which cpu I should be. I'm deciding between the i7 8700 and Ryzen 7 1800x, the website i'm using to build this has the pricing between the two pretty much the same, so pricing isnt a problem. I'm using this pc for gaming, school ( university ), graphic...
  18. Charalson1

    Solved PC won't display to monitor after cpu upgrade

    I recently bought a Ryzen 1600 to upgrade. I've installed it , and put everything together and when I powered on my PC, the lights turned on, the CPU fan, system fan and all of that. Everything seemed good but my PC wouldn't display anything at all to the monitor, I've switched ports and my...
  19. T

    No video after Case transfer

    Hi! I recently moved my system over to a new case, smaller and lighter than my last. It was working perfectly fine before I transferred, and now I get power, but no video output. I know the Ryzen doesn't have an iGPU but I've been plugged into the GPU every time. I have tried a different GPU, a...
  20. T

    AMD A4 6300 to AMD Ryzen1300X

    I have a Biostar Hi-Fi A70U3P Ver. 6.0/6.1 the supported socket type is FM2+/FM2 processors AMD A-series/ E2-series processor and I wanted to know if I can replace my AMD A4 6300 with an AMD Ryzen 3 1300x for gaming. I don't know if the socket type can support the Ryzen 3. I want to know if...