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    New malware is unable to be removed

    I opened up chrome today on my mac and my homepage had been changed to safesearch, ive had this problem before after downloading something sketchy, and was confident in my ability to remove it. I scanned my computer with malwarebytes and followed the instructions after a quick google search. I...
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    Unable to disable safesearch or restricted mode on youtube

    My phone (galaxy s8)suddenly started acting up on Monday, my data was working really slow after I used hotspot on my laptop then laptop then I realized if I go on YouTube it won't let me read the comments anymore because it's on restricted mode and when I try to turn it off and on again, it...
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    Solved Google "SAFE SEARCH" always on

    I run a PC with Windows 10, and Google SAFE SEARCH is always on and cannot be undone in either Firefox or Chrome. I've run Malwarebytes and no pup has been located. It seems like lots of people have had this problem, but I can find no solutions online. Can someone help?