samsung galaxy s6

  1. GinnyP

    Battery life is abysmal

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. For months now my battery is discharging way too fast in my opinion. Just now when I unplugged it from the charger, I only checked a few messages and looked something up on the browser which took no more than 3 Minutes but I already was 7% down. Granted, that's...
  2. A

    wirelessly transfer samsung galaxy whatsapp chat to iMac

    The plug on my Samsung Galaxy S6 is defective. (I can only charge it with a wireless charger.) Before I send the phone for repair, I would like to backup/transfer some WhatsApp chats to my iMac without using cloud storage such as what Google offers. Is there a way to do this wirelessly, i.e...
  3. philip1519

    Redirect on native browser

    I am getting a redirect on the browser that is native to my Samsung S6. When I open the browser it takes me to the address Hitting the back button opens various (web pages?) that either tell me I can win things or that I need malware updates or software. The only way to get...