1. Belfastnurse

    Solved Need to identify TV wires

    Bit of background, my dad left us with wires a plenty. Unfortunately they weren't really attached to the appliances so we are playing a bit of mix and match. We have a Samsung tv model - le32r74bd. I have attached pictures of two kettle plugs that both fit. I am nervous however to turn it on In...
  2. N

    Keyboard Freezing Upon CapsLock

    I've been using the same Samsung Galaxy On5 phone for years now, I've grown very accustom to it and know it in and out. For a while now, I have had problems where the keyboard would lag when switching between the capitalized letters and lowercase by clicking the arrow. I set my keyboard so it...
  3. Heymannn

    Samsung s5 problem

    I have samsung s5. My phone started to do stange things. When I try to turn my screen on sometimes it doesnt turn on and I have to press power button until the screen turns on. The screen starts flickering when I put my screens brightness to the lowest. What could be the problem? Does anyone had...
  4. T

    Looking for an anti-virus app

    Hello, I have just bought a new Samsung Galaxy A20, and I was wondering what would be a good anti-virus app for it? Your help would be appreciated.
  5. J

    Wifi problems with Samsung Galaxy s9

    Wifi connection has turned patchy when I'm in a different room to router. The phone still shows the wifi as having 3/4 or 4/4 bars of connection but says 'Internet may not be available'. It comes back every few minutes and then drops off again after a while. Tried rebooting both router and...
  6. S

    "Samsung One UI" for J5?

    The 2016 model of the Samsung J5 (which has physical touch-buttons) recently got the “Samsung One UI Home” update made available in Google Play. This will replace its TouchWiz launcher. 1) Will it slow down the phone (like system updates) since it’s primarily geared for higher end phones? 2)...
  7. R

    How to root Samsung Galaxy S7

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S7, and I followed the steps in this tutorial. When I try to use "System App remover" to remove the default Weather app, I get an error saying "No root permission" But when I try to open the Samsung Health app, I get another error saying "Samsung Health can't be opened...
  8. C

    Samsung galaxy tab 10. 1 apps not respondin

    So as ov yesterday my Samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 isn't working rite, the apps like chrome, play store, Google earth all not responding, u press on it & it looks like its loading it but then throws up a box saying ( earth isn't responding do u want to close it with options to report, wait or OK...
  9. M

    Samsung 60" LED TV, no pic, LED's flashing

    Trying to find someone that knows LED tvs. My picture went out before, I bought a new PS board and that fixed it. This time, red power button comes on, flashing, no pic but the screen flashes faintly because the LEDs are flashing. Two different PS boards, same thing so it is either the main...
  10. R

    Galaxy S5 stuck in recovery boot cycle

    Just picked up this Galaxy S5 Verizon phone. Was setting up a Samsung account on Wi-Fi. Accidentally tapped on a message that said something about lock out and the phone shut down. Managed to get it to recovery boot but it just keeps running a loop of recovery boot-shut down-recovery boot. Only...
  11. N

    Solved Camera asking for Javascript Update on Browser???

    I have a Samsung WB1100F camera that can connect to wifi. I have used it for years and never had a problem. But today I went to send some photos to my email and after connecting to the wifi, I received this message that says: Checking JavaScript Support To provide an enhanced user interface...
  12. R

    Monitor not turning on

    Hey so my pc is a Aurora r7 alienware and my monitor is some random samsung one and, everytime i leave it by itself it turns off after awhile and its done that again but it hasnt switched back on, its been 2 days. Ive re-plugged everything countless times, restarted, and waited for it to turn...
  13. M

    Extend My Laptop

    I have a dell xps 15. Brand new. I also have a Samsung smart tv and a samsung monitor. I have an HDMI splitter and had intended on extending my laptop to all three screens. The initial idea was to have my laptops screen be shut off while projecting my monitor as screen one and my tv as screen...
  14. S

    Samsung Laptop Not Working

    Hey Tech Community! About a year ago, my Samsung Series 7 Chronos Laptop (specs below) suddenly died. My first thought was that it was overheating... as the laptop has a problem with overheating for everyone! However, when I came back after 5 minutes to start it up again it failed to even light...
  15. I

    Using tablet for Kiosk in store

    So, I've really been stumped with this. Currently in the store I work for, we have a registration (web-based app) Kiosk with iPads and we require that our customers take a picture of their ID. There has been a lot of confusion with the customers on how to do this/which camera to use (front or...
  16. Z

    Screen is wider than monitor, cuts things off

    Hi, I'm not that new to technology and I know my way around the basics but I can't seem to fix this. I got this monitor 1 - 2 years ago and I've had the pc for even longer, maybe 3 or 4 years. I'm running an hp windows 8 and a samsung curved monitor. My problem is, the monitor rests just larger...
  17. K

    Samsung A5 display is broken how do I control it from my pc

    my Samsung a5 was droped from a hight and the display stopped working but the touch screen is working so is it possible to Screen mirror my phone to my laptop? And i am not sure if the usb debugging is turned on (Also my home button doesn’t work) Help.... ! :(
  18. Tvee07

    spilled water on laptop&dried it; is there anything else i should do?

    okay so i spilled water on my laptop. i panicked, tipped it sideways to make the water flow out, and pulled the plug. i searched online and it told me to remove the battery, have it face down in a triangle, open up the back to wipe any remaining liquid, then wait for it to dry. aside from...
  19. frankie17

    From HDD to SSD: How can I install Windows 7?

    NOTE: NOT upgrading Windows 7, just want it to install it on my new SSD. Hello, hopefully i can get some help please!. I'm planning to install Windows 7 PRO on a new SSD (Internal Samsung EVO 860 250GB), so i may use it too boot Windows 7 and use my current HDD as secondary storage. My...
  20. T

    Google play issues/bugs

    When i open Google play store it instantaneously goes into Snapchat download screen. When i close out of it it goes onto my screen as installing. How do I fix this? It doesn't happen every time but most of the time.