1. O

    SATA Driver Issue

    Hello, I've got a huge issue after updating my SATA drivers, my pc can't start Windows (Win10) and it's stuck at startup. Completely frozen and no matter what I do it's not changing anything at all. I can't even start on safe mode and it just feels like an irreversible problem. Is there...
  2. C

    Help Picking A New SSD

    Hi everyone! I am new here and I just need some advice. I am trying to pick a new SSD to replace my current one in my Acer Aspire R5-571TG-7229. My current SSD according to my Device Manager on Windows is a HFS256G39TND-N210A. It is 256GB. I am currently looking at three new 1TB replacement SSDs...
  3. D

    Help with motherboard recognizing M.2 SSD disk (Win10)

    I've registered here because I desperately need some tehnical help. Yesterday i've bought new Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD drive, which i've put onto my Gigabyte GA-B250M-D3H motherboard. Ever since then i've been having trouble with BIOS/Win10 not recognizing M.2 disk/slot. Drivers are updated...
  4. J

    broken SSD

    It all started when I found an old SSD/HDD adapter. I put the RealSSD C400 2.5 128GB in and turned the adapter on. It kept saying "you need to format (drive letter)". Knowing this wasn't the best adapter, I tried a few more times until I finally got Windows Explorer to open and get to the Users...
  5. G

    sata drive not recognised

    I have a slight problem, have have an old tiny pc that still works great. it has the following: first international computer inc. P4M-800M motherboard Pentium 4 - 2.99Ghz CPU Phoenix technologies LTD 6.00PG bios i would like to simply change the existing IDE hard drive for a SATA i have a 1GB...
  6. 1

    Solved I cannot the USB to SATA cable to my old laptop internal HD

    Sorry, I am very naïve with computers. Basically my old laptop died and I bought a new one. I was hoping to connect my old internal hard drive to a cable and copy old files, photos etc to my new laptop. The old internal hard drive was a WD1600BEVT a 160GB WD Scorpio Blue. I removed it from my...
  7. R

    building an external m.2 SSD need help with compatibility

    Hi, I want to build a external m.2 device but i'm not sure if they are compatible, can someone confirm if they will work please. WDS500G2B0B TS-CM80S Also my laptop has USB 3.1 Gen 2 and thunderbolt 3, Was wondering if i should get a thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C to Type-C cable or will the USB...
  8. tomgetsworse

    Help! I think I've blown my ram or motherboard...

    I'm currently building my first ever PC and after receiving an old hard drive, a graphics card and 16gb of ram from my friend I finally had everything I needed to power it up for the first time. It worked! I was so happy but when I checked in system it was only showing one of the 2 8gb ram...
  9. P

    SATA or HDD faulty? BOOTMGR Missing

    Hey there, I can't for the life of me figure out what the case may be here. For the past few months my Windows 10 machine has been just freezing at random moments, mouse cant move, keyboard led is not responging, the machine riterally freezes until I restart. It's been happening atleast once...
  10. Razaharon

    SATA Cable dies after connecting hard drive to PC

    i have 2 old hard drive's with some data in them and im trying to retrive it back to my current computer. one of the drive's works perfectly, but when i connect the second drive it kills the cable totally. i cant use the cable anymore.. even for the first drive. it happend for the second time...
  11. K

    Broken Sata Ports on Motherboard

    I have a gigabyte motherboard and I have accidentally broken both of the sata ports where I want to connect to my hdd. I have a bootbable usb that boots windows 10 to the installation screen but, since I can't plug my hard drive into any sata ports, I do not have a drive to download windows to...
  12. M

    New Sata Disk showing up in my "User" Folder with Documents

    New Sata Disk is showing up in my "User" Folder with Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc. I installed a blank WD 1TB Sata disk for additional storage in my PC. After I began to place folders on the new drive I noticed that in my User folder (Click the Globe in the bottom left-hand corner of the...
  13. conrobmac

    Win-star communicator c1 SATA hard drive USB docking station

    just bought the communicator c1 today Supposed to plug in and go but nothing. Installed the cd included and still nothing Hoping for any suggestions before I take it back to maplins.
  14. M

    Can i set in a SSD to my motherboard?

    I wanna speed up my booting time with a ssd Can set a ssd to my motherboard? Is already an HDD on my system and a Optical Drive / DVD Writer and i have 3 SATA connections 2 is in use wits is White and one 1 black And i wonder if the black one can't support a SSD to booting? Here is my...
  15. G

    No permissions while transferring files via rocketfish

    First off, I tried looking for a thread like this, but I'm not that tech savvy and don't know all the right jargon. Apologies if this has a thread already and if this doesn't make sense. So I recently got a refurbished ThinkPad Lenovo e431 Windows 10. I took out the hard drive from the old...
  16. G

    PC HDD failed for 3rd time

    I have a custom PC built with components from various manufacturers and a problem with failing drives. The PC has only light office use with occasional Photoshop. The first system HD was a Toshiba HDD that failed after 2yr of use and wile very surprised, I put that down to bad luck. Then a...
  17. ubob

    Multiple hard drives

    I have an Acer T180 with two SATA connectors on board. I have three hard drives I would like to use. One SATA is used for the CDR-W, and the other for one hard drive. Are there adapters or a daisy chain cable? Any help is greatly appreciated. Bob
  18. S

    Solved Computer won't boot from correct drive automatically

    Hi everyone I recently changed my primary boot drive to a usb from my sata 4 drive so I could reset my login password. then I changed my primary boot drive back to the sata4 drive it was originally on and now when I boot all I see is a black screen with a blinking dash. If I press f8 just after...
  19. B

    Laptop Hard drive sata to Pc problems

    I have my laptop hard drive out and I am trying to open the users onto my desk top. The drive is recognized but when I click on the users it says I need permission. Then it will sit and attempt to load over and over and over but never opens. Is there something I can do differently? Thanks
  20. T

    Solved Asus 106x SATA Driver Causing System Lag- Windows 10

    Hi Everyone, Thank you for your help in advance. Since April 2016 I have been working on this problem without success. I have posted on multiple forums without a solution. I know what the problem is, I'm just not sure how to fix it. System Specifications: Windows 10 pro 64 Core i7 4.0 GHz...