1. LMauceri

    School my school's IT guy please

    Hello! I am a teacher, and having a lot of difficulty with a specific problem, with no help from my IT support. So will you please help me school the school's IT? I created a website to give my students my online lessons for remote learning during this pandemic time, using WIX. I make 2 youtube...
  2. J

    I cant break my nic

    I am trying to install a broken nic into a computer for a test and in the test, we are supposed to test the nics with a loopback address but even after hitting the nic with a hammer and paper taping the pins the loopback is still coming back as successful. HELP. The test is tomorrow and properly...
  3. M

    Hardware needs for graphic design, animations, promotion

    What hardware do you need for a team of 3 multi-media developers which are responsible for graphic design, animations, and promotional material? I need a computer configuration that would meet the functions of the team yet the least expensive Also, I really need to know what are the TOP two MOST...
  4. D


    Need help finding an online school for tech. Need flexibility, takes past credits and only need an associates for now, but will get bachelors later
  5. S

    Help to loop my probability badly coded program

    import time print('Hello, what is your name? ') name = input('My name is ') name = name.title() print('Hello', name + " it's nice to meet you!") time.sleep(0.45) print('I am the Thanatos System') time.sleep(0.45) print('What would you like to do? ') option = input('Your options are Sport, Food...
  6. VilhelmToivonen

    Windows movie maker

    Hi, So i have a Windows movie maker Project, in where is many audio files, and 2500 pictures. All audio is recorded with movie maker (.wma), and all the pictures are .png format. Still when I try to save/export the movie, moviemaker shows different errors and does not export. (Most common being...
  7. N

    bypass school wifi restrictions

    Hey, I am currently boarding in a school with fortiguard web filtering. I want to play online games such as tf2, or mobile games clash of clans, etc. I have hotspot vpn installed on my phone and it would work sometimes and sometimes not (i reckon the school is blocking the ip adresses). However...