screen blank

  1. Y

    Laptop screen freezing/discolouring if not at certain angle

    Hi, so i know next to nothing about laptops so i apologise if i explain this wrong. My screen keeps freezing and/or discolouring when i sometimes move my laptop. Usually if i just readjudt the angle of the screen it comes back fine but its getting worse. The closest analogy i have for it is...
  2. T

    BIOS with a broken screen

    Hello. Thank you for what you do. I never thought I’d need a site like this. I’m 17 and I love technology. I’m usually very good at looking up the answers I need, you see. The problem started when the screen became fuzzy and then white. Turns out it works great as a desktop, so I hardly care...
  3. G

    Screen issue (Moved from Windows 8 forum)

    Ok laptop turns on but screen is dark I just see the bar to enter my password I get to the main page but its brightness is too low cant see background
  4. nicovlogg

    HDMi handshake or Device not Migrated error

    Hi all, I am suffering from a mysterious and incredibly frustrating ailment, and hoping for a cure. I'm using Windows 10, all drivers updated, with an Acer VN7 laptop, and an array of screens - Dell, AOC, Samsung. I woke up one morning, and my trusty external monitor, running on HDMI linked...
  5. M

    Dell inspiron 5559 no display some times

    Dell inspiron 5559 laptop show nothing some times ,i try plug monitor to it and it show normal desktop then after restart it work normally i think it the lcd ,but why its not happen all the time,maybe lcd power ,how to fix that
  6. Adhijosta

    My laptop screen problem

    My laptop screen keeps getting black for 1-2 seconds. I have Windows 7 and here are my computer's performance stats: Processor : 4.9 Memory (RAM) : 5.5 Graphics : 3.9 Gaming graphics : 5.1 Primary hard disk : 5.7 My screen turns black very often even if there's no game or internet open. If you...
  7. N

    Pc is booting but no signal

    After I cleaned my PC and plugged it in my PC booted up but the screen had no signal(and the CPU LED shines). I tried using a different screen and even my TV. I tried using 3 different HDMI cables and a DVI but nothing worked. After that I send my graphic card back and tried to get a new one but...
  8. R

    Pc starts but none of the plug ins work

    Right so I have an old pc but it's been upgraded a few times and I've not had any issues with it for a long time. I' quite good with pcs but this has stumped me. So I turn the pc on and it starts up normally (the tower) but everything else just didn't work with the pc so like the keyboard is...
  9. 1

    Screens not working with main gpu hdmi/dvi

    So, suddenly last night while watching YouTube my computer crashed, first still hearing the sound of the video but screen shut of, and then it completely turned off. Restarted it, and the computer itself works but the screens won't connect with the computer with the ordinary HDMI and DVI input...
  10. D

    my computer won't show on screen

    the problem is when i turn my computer on it turns off for a second and then turns back on with nothing on the screen. please is there any ideas about this
  11. D

    PC Starts But The Screen Remains Black

    Hello Everyone ! I have this problem with my laptop, when i turn it on everything seems to work (i hear the fan, the HDD and the LED are on) except the screen, it remains completely black (no backlight or anything) (no POST beeps as well). It doesn't happen all the time (about 40% of the time)...
  12. R

    Toshiba Satellite L775-14E (UK Market) BIOS update query

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my Toshiba Satellite L775-14E from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and have been having an issue with the built-in display. It is running an Intel HD Graphics 3000 GPU. When I restart the laptop or turn on after a hard reset (i.e. after dead battery) the screen doesn't...
  13. I

    Possible damaged screen

    Hi there. I spilled a small amount of liquid on few of my keyboard keys and the screen on my hp touchsmart laptop fritzed off then came back on but totally white. I've tried all reset options but the screen remains white when connected to power supply or battery No beeps are audible when I...