screen broken

  1. M

    Half of screen went purple-green and frozen

    Just a minute ago suddenly half of my screen went wrong :( Upper part works normally, but down part is like duplified, majory in purple and green color, it's shaking, stil transparent so you can see arrow and pres commands that are below on screen. Here is foto in attachment, it's not of a good...
  2. Fernacular

    Should I replace my laptop screen to fix color calibration?

    Hi, a bit over a year ago I bought a Lenovo laptop (80XL) to replace my old laptop that was stolen. Since I've had it there's been a problem with how the screen desplays color, everything's slightly blue tinted and washed out. Normally I'd just make do but the problem is that I'm a digital...
  3. C

    What's wrong with my laptop screen?

    My screen has these yellow spots that are only visible when the screen goes dark. I got this laptop for a couple of months ago. To make it easier to understand what I'm talking about, the exact type of yellow screen occurs when bending it vertically. This doesn't happen in all laptops though...