screen cracked

  1. K

    How to pop a screen back in place?

    I got dizzy and dropped my laptop and no the corner screen is popped out of my Lenovo Chromebook c330. I am desperate for help.
  2. C

    Problems with touch screen function after screen replacement

    I recently changed the screen of my HP ENVY x360 [model: 15t-aq100] with this exact screen I got from eBay. I took out three cables and the little chipboard thingy, put back the little chipboard thingy and three cables and--voilà! The screen turns on and I get an image and, besides my little...
  3. thand41514

    where can i buy a replacement screen for gateway zx4665g

    where can i buy a replacement screen for gateway zx4665g HELP i cant find anywhere ill order offline please help
  4. A

    My laptop won't display on acer monitor

    I have an Elitebook 6930p with a broken screen and in order to use it I need to plug it into an external monitor, the problem is now it won't display on the monitor at all. It's not the VGA cable OR the monitor that's the problem because I tried hooking both up to a friend's laptop and it...
  5. Z

    HP Touchscreen Laptop Screen Cracked - Replacement?

    Hi everyone. I have an HP laptop, Product name: HP ENVY x360 m6 Convertible, Product number: M1V60UAR#ABA. The Problem I cracked the screen in the top right. There is a web up there now, just outside the actual workspace, in the half inch or so black border. A few cracks extend out into the...