screen flickering

  1. mackielp

    Screen Flicker

    My laptop screen flickers when there is a certain color has been shown in certain part of screen, but it is not flickering when my laptop is freshly opened, the flickering will happen after a few minutes. I've tried so many solutions online like reinstalling and updating gpu's, chipset and...
  2. A

    My laptop screen flickers with random lines

    So two days ago my laptop started to show linen on screen sometimes, when I move a white window into upper left side those lines apper sometimes when I open youtube or something but most of the times its fine. Please help me and thank you for your reply Laptop: dell precision m4800
  3. L

    Slow Dell Inspiron 5566 notebook

    Hi, We bought a Dell Inspiron 5566 a few months ago, and from the beginning it seemed to work slower than how a 7th generation i3 processor with 8GB of RAM should really be. In addition, at some point the screen started to flicker for a few seconds when waking from sleep, and sometimes the...
  4. T

    Multiple Monitors Occasionally Go Black For 5 Seconds

    Multiple Monitors Occasionally Go Black For 5 Seconds So I just got my 2nd monitor today. I was super excited, but it turned out that I can't use it for anything, because I want to use it when I am gaming, and as the title says, it blacks out when I do so. How it blacks out: I play a...
  5. M

    intermittent white horizontal line flicker at top of screen

    Problem: brief flickering of white horizontal lines, always postioned close to the top of screen, various lengths. Time of occurence / how often: First happened around September 17th, after I installed "rainmeter" (I don't think this is the reason, and have since uninstalled). The flickering...