screen freezes

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    Laptop screen freezing/discolouring if not at certain angle

    Hi, so i know next to nothing about laptops so i apologise if i explain this wrong. My screen keeps freezing and/or discolouring when i sometimes move my laptop. Usually if i just readjudt the angle of the screen it comes back fine but its getting worse. The closest analogy i have for it is...
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    Please help: computer freezes

    Hi, i just got a new conputer, and im having a bit of a problem with it. The computer screen freezes, and a loud buzzing noise sounds if i have any sound running. I do have my computer hooked up to a tv by hdmi, but there seems to be no problem with that. Im getting a little frustrated with...
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    Dell Laptop Screen Freezes

    Hello, below are my system specs. What is occurring is that every few days my screen along with my mouse/cursor with freeze. The only fix is to do a hard shut down and start over. The only extra thing I have going is that I have the laptop hooked up to another larger monitor so I have 2 screens...
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    Computer Problem (could be virus or something internal)

    I have an HP ProtectSmart Envy 17 with a Windows 10 operating system. This last Sunday I was on my computer for a while and when I turned it off for the night, everything was working perfectly. The next day, sometime late in the afternoon, I got on my laptop again. I went to watch a youtube...