#screen lines #glitches

  1. J

    Screen Malfunction, lines and marks

    Not sure if this is the right thread to place under or correct way to make post but Im panicking. My screen looks like this, theres no signs of cracked screen on the surface but I think what may have caused it was me pressing too hard when i went to lift it up?(where the mark is was where i...
  2. O

    Randomly flickering/ glitching screen on linx 12x64

    Hello, Hope you can help - I'm not sure what's wrong, so I hope this is in the right category... I'm having an issue with my Linx 12x64 2-in-1 tablet PC. Randomly during use, the screen will start to flicker/ glitch, frequently but randomly when I move the mouse or scroll on the screen/ click/...
  3. MaybeMaybeNot99

    Kindle Fire Not Working after Dropped

    I recently dropped my Kindle Fire and the screen was very cracked,the graphics where completely ruined and the screen was only lines across the screen....is there anything i can do to salvage it or is it permanently ruined?