screen recorder

  1. Rowen

    Screen Recording Lost - Honestly Desperate

    I have been using PowerPoint 2016 on my Windows 10 laptop to screen record and they all turn out to have media MP4 files. I recently recorded a class session for 2 hours that is crucial for my studies and I did the stupid thing and interrupted the media file loading onto my slides. I really need...
  2. M

    How to remove annoying recording feature from my devices

    I don't know what causes this but it pops up( as per screenshots many many times ) when trying to record a video ,making a call on messenger and if I start using the Hound app and others It stops whatever app it is open too until I press the ok button But reappears within seconds - I...
  3. L

    Mirillis Action! game and screen recorder

    Hi Guys, I have a YouTube channel and I'm looking for a nice software to record my videos. I got bored with my old game recorder and I'm looking now for something really good. Have you maybe heard about Action!? Does anyone use it? To be honest I've heard that it has many nice options like...
  4. J

    Solved Decent pc, crappy performance

    i need help. i ahe a decent pc, but when i try to run a game, my favourite shooter, i put the res on lowest and only get 25 fps out of it. i hve tried many screen recorders but i have not yet found one that does not cut the fps lower to 20. even obs lags the hell out of my pc. specs: intel i7...
  5. S

    duel monitor / screen recorder help

    Hi All, Hope someone can help unsure if this should be in hardware or software. I have duel monitors with the plan on having the screen recorder on the left monitor and games on the right monitor. When I play minecraft the screen recorder stays on the left monitor and the right monitor has...