screen tearing

  1. M

    Screen Tear

    I have been receiving screen tearing for quite a while. It starting happening 3 months ago on my laptop. It is the Acer Nitro 5 with the specs of i5 7300HQ, GTX 1050 ti Mobile Max Q, 8gb ddr4-2400, 256gb ssd, 1080p display, and 15.6 in. I have tried reinstalling windows around 6 times already...
  2. L

    Will i get screen tearing from laptop to external display?

    So i have a Dell G7 with GTX1060 and a 60Hz Laptop display. I get a lot of Screen tearing when i run almost any game, Even GTA San Andreas. If i hook this up to gaming monitor with 144Hz or GSync enabled will this fix my issue of screen tearing while i'm playing from the Gaming monitor? If so...
  3. BlackHawk518

    4K TV screen tearing with Xbox One X

    Hello, I have a Vizio M55-D0 4K TV with an Xbox One X hooked up to her. Recently I have experienced a lot of screen tearing and flashes when using the 4K UHD and HDR resolution on the Xbox. In the past, 4K has worked fine, and in the 4K details I have all green check marks. The tearing only...
  4. R

    FPS problem.

    Hello. First off, I'm playig on a Lenovo Y50-70 with a 15.6" 4k display. GeForce GTX860M 4GB,Core i7-4710HQ,16GB RAM,512GB SSD I've always played league of legends with 120 fps with v-sync off, on high grapics. But now my laptop won't go higher than 48 fps while v-sync is on. If i turn off...
  5. C

    Screen Issues in ESO, How do I fix?

    I recently upgraded to a 280x from a 270x and now in eso my game does this in most locations, I can't remember what this issue is called for the life of me (screen tearing I think??). ^youtube link^ Anyways, how do I fix this? (I had to reinstall OS and everything so i just downloaded the first...
  6. F

    Horisontal Screen Tearing on Nvidia GTX 960

    I'm using my laptop, which has intergrated Intel graphics with a NVidia GTX 960 for heavy programs installed. With the intergrated graphics, videos and games run completely fine (for being intergrated graphics), but when i run the heavier programs on the Nvidia-card, like games, I get wierd...