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    Computer starting to freeze up/blue screen/screens flashing

    So for the past 2 weeks or so I have started having problems with my pc, I had not had these problems before and only started recently. Mostly during gaming my screens will either freeze or turn black. Sometimes graphical errors will show on the screens such as multicolored squares on both...
  2. J

    Dual screen issues

    Hello, I need help as run into a bit untill of an annoying issue so my wacom screen works fine its when I put in the second screen I have a problem, and basically the other screen becomes black and my main screen so it's registered the cintiq. I can still see the screen on the cintiq but because...
  3. S

    Connecting Dell laptop to 2006 Dell Monitor

    Hi, I have a new Dell Laptop and I am trying to extend screens to a dell monitor I have, I don’t know the model as I can’t get it to work, it has the Self Test Feature Check floating around the screen? I have connected the monitor using a VGA/HDMI cable and on my laptop it has found the monitor...
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    second screen VGA to HDMI no signal?

    So I recently wanted to try use two monitors. The one I'm using at the moment, DVI to DVI works fine if it is plugged in alone. If the other one is plugged in while its loading it up shows the windows icon then goes to a gray screen. If it is turned on and I plug in the cable it shows up as no...