1. N

    Web Downloaded pictures appear on multiple computers

    Strange occurrence: A picture (jpg) downloaded from a web page and saved on my computer. I discovered the same picture pop up on another computer in the house as the screensaver. It was not downloaded to that computer so can't figure it out. I have a Netgear nighthawk and 5 computers in the...
  2. J

    New Infected SD card, safely remove pictures

    Recently went on a three month trip to SE Asia and have 2000 pictures on my SD card waiting to be backed up. When I plug it into the computer it says that it is infected and recommends that I allow it to be fixed. However, I am terrified that it will erase all of my pictures in the process. Is...
  3. LeviK

    Solved Blue screen instead of screensaver

    Hello, LeviK here; I had this issue with my older computer set up (Acer Aspire M5620 + BenQ G2400W) and I am now having it again with a combination of Asus ROG G20 + BenQ G2400W (desktop + monitor). At first I figured it might be something with the PC itself, but after swapping I noticed the...