script error

  1. P

    Script Error Message

    At startup only, I get a "SCRIPT ERROR" message, asking if I want to continue running the script. I select "NO" and another page opens with no message, which I always X out. I have found more info re: location, line & character, but cant delete the ERROR.
  2. N

    notepad.vbe and missing .dll file

    Okay, please bear with me it's a bit of long story.I have Windows 8.1 Pro, and a couple of weeks ago I got a virus and apparently it took me too long to remove it because it gave me a couple of issues. First of all, whenever I start my computer I get the message along the lines of 'failed to...
  3. K

    "error running script on page" for a site I am NOT visiting!

    Recently, whenever I try to start Firefox, I've started seeing the "an error has occurred on the script on this page.... do you want to continue running scripts on this page" message. I usually have to click "no" two or three times to get Firefox to finally open. And then, when I close...
  4. FrustratedCarol

    Script error, to stop, continue or debug

    Suddenly started happening the last couple weeks on restart of Firefox. I use Session Manager to restore the open tabs because FF is terrible on memory, gets clogged several times a day. So now this script message comes up every restart. Today it did it more, several times. When it started...