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    Solved Juggling Network Printers via Group Policy

    Hello! I'm creating a new AD structure and weeding out a lot of legacy group policy stuff since we've moved to the Windows 10 platform. The organisation I work for has a main HQ with 15 remote sites all connected over MPLS back to our corporate network where our servers are situated. My new...
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    Script to search shortcut target box for specific text?

    Hi, I have been trying to adapt various scripts (I could post them, but as they did not originate with me, and I have not been able to edit them to achieve what I want, that seems a bit pointless!) to achieve a simple task: The problem is this: I have various shortcuts on my PC whose targets...
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    Filling CSV, Column A and B with a script/batch file

    For starters i would like to apologize about my bad English, i don't use it that frequently so might have a hard time to express myself good enough for you to understand what im trying to do. I have a .csv file where A1 and B1 will be having constant values, the values are A1 = Name B1 = Order...
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    Display Empty Folder with different Icon? (Moved from XP forum)

    Hello, i am searching since a long time for a solution to show empty folders with a different icon. My Workaround is the following: I have a Project Folder, it contains Folders with my projects. If i start a new project i run a small batch with: mkdir Datasheets mkdir Layout mkdir Logik...