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    Scrolling Issue

    Hello, I am having trouble scrolling on certain platforms and it is really fustrating. For example, if I go to the sound icon ---> opening sound settings, and I try scrolling down towards related settings or help from the web on the bottom it automatically scrolls me back up thus, not being able...
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    Solved Lenovo Ideapad ‘natural’ scrolling

    I’m using a Lenovo Ideapad 330 running Windows 10. The touchpad uses ‘natural scrolling’ and I can’t find a way to reverse it. I looked at the properties and found nothing. I currently have a Synaptics Pointing Device.
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    Solved Lagging windows explorer, web browsing, youtube video

    Hi, I have been experiencing lagging on many processes while operating my computer. Dragging windows around lags, refreshing thumbnails in windows explorer and scrolling is super slow. Browsing the web on Chrome also is very slow. Websites take a while to load. When I scroll it stutters and...
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    Potential Keyboard Issue?

    I'm having a minor computer issue. Whenever there's a box open that allows upward or downward scrolling - such as volume controls, Microsoft word save boxes, etc, my computer automatically scrolls down. I've swapped out my keyboard and I still have the same problem.
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    No scrolling with mouse wheel in Microsoft 10 on MS Apps

    Good morning. I use a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard(900) & Mouse (1000) combo, purchased in same package with a single transceiver. All operations work perfectly on these wireless devices on Windows 10 except one. When I am in anything "Microsoft", e.g., All Programs listing, MS Edge, etc., the...
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    endless scrolling down problem

    Hi everyone, I am using ASUS laptop. problem is it keeps scrolling down for no reason. Especially button - Dfjkl;l;aq6 HELP PLSSS