sd card

  1. S

    Windows 10 keeps asking me to format SD card

    I have tried to access my SD card by plugging my phone into my computer, but it doesn't show up. My SD is recognized on my phone, but I don't have the option if changing anything. When I try to plug it into an SD card readee straight to my computer it keeps asking me to format, and I can't do...
  2. H

    Corrupted Micro SD card Recovery?

    Hi, so I have a 200gb micro SD card that was corrupted and they want me to format it but I won't because it still has all of my music and pictures on it. I really want to get them back only about 30gb of the data was used up on the card. I have tried almost every program you can try to recover...
  3. C

    SD not working not able to format

    I have an Micro SD Card 32 GB its not working. I am unable to format it because as soon as I insert it in any device, the device freezes..need help how can I make it work again
  4. T

    Micro SD card file problems

    I currently have a 64 GB SanDisk micro SDcard that whenever I attempt to open the drive it prompts me with "You need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?" I need all or most of the files in the card, so wiping the drive isn't an option. I was using...
  5. A

    Help Save My Data

    So, I put my phone on the charger earlier and suddenly I come back to it to see a "SD Card error" message. I restarted my phone twice, kept taking the card out and putting it back, and even tried accessing it through a computer. Nothing. My phone wants to format the card and the computer...
  6. B

    SD Card Reader Recognizes Card Sometimes

    Computer is a Dell E5530 laptop running windows 10. It has a built in SD card reader. But it only recognizes the card maybe in 1 out of 20 attempts to put it in. If I put the card in and reboot, then when it comes up the SD card will be there every time. And when it is there, it is fully...
  7. J

    SD Card files visible but cannot view images on camera or Macbook

    Hi, My SD card is showing files both on my camera and on my laptop, however I can only view 77 images out of 150 on both devices. Not sure why this has happened or how to rectify? Any help would be much appreciated Thanks
  8. S

    Please Insert A Drive Error

    Hi! I have a SANS disk reader with a 128gb micro SD card. I've been using the card for a Raspberry Pi, running BerryBoot, and suddenly, after installing Raspian successfully, the card doesn't work. I have a B 3+, and the red LED indicates the problem is with the card. The card had been...
  9. K

    Corrupt SD Card

    please help! is there any way to fix a corrupt SD card without losing any of the pictures? my phone isn't allowing me to add pictures to my SD card or move pictures to or from it, google says this means the card is corrupt my friend says plugging my phone into my laptop and uploading the...
  10. Z

    SD Card Help

    How do i know which sd card to get?
  11. keatit71

    Trying to transfer files from Micro SD Card

    I got a new phone and i'm trying to transfer the files from my old sd card onto my laptop but it just scans it then copies it really fast and doesn't actually copy anything. I've been able to transfer files from the same sd card before so i'm not sure whats wrong.
  12. D

    SD card won't read in Windows computer

    Have an SD card used in a Canon 60D DSLR. I have frequently connected this same card to my Windows 10 computer via usb port to download images. Last week, I copied some image files to my daughter's MacBook, no problems. Image files are still on the card, as I can look at them in the camera...
  13. T

    Transfering media files from Pc to micro sd issues.

    I have recently been trying to transfer about 5k songs from the my pc to my external SD card 128gb to then put into my phone. I have had nonstop issues with this, as when I try to mass transfer all 25gb over everything works fine until I try to play said music. First I try mass transfer using...
  14. karebear

    SD card keeps erasing

    Three times I have bought a new SD card and each time it ends up erasing on its own. And then my phone wont even recognize it. What keeps happening? I have a galaxy 7.
  15. S

    How to make android bootable SD card

    Is there a way we can make our sd card bootable like bootable usb?
  16. H

    SD Card Error - File Extensions Changed, Error 0x80070570

    First timer here, so please bear with me. Any help you can offer is MUCH appreciated! Some of the files on my SD card have changed file extensions and appear corrupted (the modified dates are wonky and the file sizes are off). For example, a file that was formerly IMG_3324.JPG is now...
  17. J

    New Infected SD card, safely remove pictures

    Recently went on a three month trip to SE Asia and have 2000 pictures on my SD card waiting to be backed up. When I plug it into the computer it says that it is infected and recommends that I allow it to be fixed. However, I am terrified that it will erase all of my pictures in the process. Is...
  18. R

    S D Card

    I have inserted and set my sd card as an external storage on my phone . Now i want to make it as a internal storage . How can i do that?
  19. S

    Solved Micro SD card-Zero bytes free of nothing

    Hi, I downloaded some programs on my Micro SD card; Turns out, it wiped out all of my files and leaves no free space although there was nothing on the micro SD. How can recover the free space (I have the backup of my files saved.) Thanks.
  20. J

    Windows doesn't read SD card

    So, lately I'm having a problem with my pc: it won't read my SD card anymore. I've tried searching for recommendations online, but really nothing helped. After sometime I realised that before this happened I used the SD card in a Mac. So I think that this is the problem. The problem now is that...