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    SD Card Problem

    Hi, recently i have problem on my SANDisk 16GB SD card. It is in FAT32. The problem is I cannot manage the files in it - such as delete copy or even write files on it. When I look up in EaseUS Partition Manager it said there is unallocated spaces. Help me please!!!
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    help i formatted my sd card

    Okay so i formatted my sd card on my phone and i dont know how to get the pictures back.
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    Transcend SD card, HTC One (M8)

    Hi I'm not sure I understand the transcend SD card and its capabilities. I've formatted my 64GB SD card to transcend and only the transcend card shows up when I connect with PC. I have 46GB free space, yet often when I try to load an app, I'm getting an "insufficient space" notification...
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    Recovery of a corrupted Micro SD card

    Hello TSG Here is a frustrating problem: My micro sd card, 16gb, suddenly got unreadable. Im told that the card is empty and is prompted to format it whenever i plug it into a device, whether its a phone or a computer. I ran "/chkdsk" in cmd, and it told me that the format was RAW. It...
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    How do I boot my laptop from my sd card (getting ubuntu)

    My laptop is a Nextbook touchscreen laptop/tablet and I'm trying to get Ubuntu