1. Mirtillone

    Win 10 install can't find any sdd/hdd

    Hi, specs: lenovo thinkstation d20, 2xXeon X5500, 32 Gb 1066 ram, GTX760 I have a 128gb ssd where linux is installed, a 600gb ntfs hhd with old files, a 1tb ext4 hhd with some photos and a new 480gb kingston ssd where i want to put my windows, i can format it from linux. few months ago windows...
  2. A

    My HDD/SDD drive read/write rates are getting slower

    Hi! I was experiencing long loading screen times in games and applications, I ignored it. But yesterday while copying some files from one directory to another, I noticed the rate wasn't going any higher than 2mb/s, I remember a time when that used to be 20. I haven't changed anything in my...
  3. T

    Refurbished Laptop Bought with Optane. Should I upgrade?

    Hi folks, Looking for some advice. I've just bought a new laptop with the following specs: Intel Core i5-8300H 2.3GHz 8GB DDR4 2666MHz 16GB Intel Optane 1TB 5400 rpm HDD However, because I bought a refurbished model, it was significantly cheaper than it would have been new. I don't need the...
  4. B

    Hard Drive only linked to desktop

    Hello, So In the process to try to move some stuff over to a large HDD drive I want to store general use files on. I accidentally only allowed files on the desktop to store on my HDD. I have an SSD that I want only games and my operating system on, but now I have all of my stuff on my SDD and...
  5. beast10121

    Solved Blue screens and losing connection to gpu.

    I've had my computer for a couple years and i custom build it. The first hard drive i used i had to replace because my computer kept freezing to the point where i could hardly boot it up. So i replaced the hard drive and it worked for about 6 months and then it started blue screening. The...
  6. 1

    HDD issues after cloning to SDD

    Hello, I’m having some hard drive trouble here and I’m in a bit of a pickle. I recently had to buy a new laptop, however, I had an SSD from my old laptop that I decided I would put into my GFs laptop which was running slowly. I used the same process that I used to install the SSD onto my...